Unnaturally blonde. Funny-ish. Potty-mouthed. No internal filter. Barely used. Not for re-sale. Blood type: cava. . .

Hi there!

 I'm P - short for Paula or, if you're going by my twitter handle, Pollypoptart! I'm a Glasgow-dwelling wine fiend, champion procrastinator, drunken dancer (put on "Hips Don't Lie" and you'll see!), and 1988's expert in capital cities of the world (and yes, I gave myself that title).

I love "Friends" references and my friends, chick-lit, and cheese. I'm broody for a puppy and spend way too long looking at both puppies and other people's meals on Instagram. I have severe self-diagnosed decidophobia so if you make me pick a pub, I will pretty much always pick the nearest Wetherspoons (what? Cheap wine, c'mon!).

I hate bananas, bad spelling/grammar, random or blocked numbers trying to call my mobile phone, and confrontation.

*Insert My Blog Name Here* has been going since early 2008 and is my little piece of the world; I love it here.

I blog about pretty much anything and everything - personal stuff, rants and ramblings (I do love a good rant), travel, lifestyle and even the occasional recipe!

I absolutely love my home country and try to show its many good sides in my Scotland the Beautiful series. Go here if you want to check out some of the amazing places I have visited.

You can also check out my sidebar for some of the posts I am particularly proud of from over the past eight years.

I'm happy to receive PR/review requests but will only accept if they are something that fits in with me and my blog that I'm happy to publish - and any reviews will be 100% honest. Please direct requests to patinsertmyblognamehere@gmail.com.

I may occasionally use affiliate links - most of the time it just seems like too much effort though...