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I've been trying to make a bit of extra cash of late . . . all those trips away and dinners out I love don't come cheap after all, and I'm RUBBISH at saving so I figured I need to try and MAKE more money! So I figured I'd share some of my ideas with you guys, and was hoping maybe someone else might have an idea for making extra money that I haven't thought of yet. So here goes . . . here's how I'm making, or hoping to make, extra dosh. (Please note there are some referral links included below, and I would be super grateful if you wanted to use them as it helps me on my money-making journey even more!)

CASHBACK SITES (Verdict: these are ALWAYS worth signing up for!!!)
Cashback sites are probably the easiest by far way of making some money back, in my opinion, because you can make money back on things you were buying anyway. So those three Boohoo dresses you decided to buy last week? If you'd went on to Boohoo via a cashback website, you'd be getting a small percentage of the money you paid back. If you're thinking of booking a holiday you might want to check to see if the holiday company you are using is offering cashback through one of those sites because even a small percentage off an expensive holiday could be a lot of money back in your pocket. I've even used cashback sites to switch credit cards (£30 cashback on a balance transfer) so it's always worth having a check of these sites before purchasing!
Give Quidco or Topcashback a go!

MATCHED BETTING (Verdict: not for me! Maybe I'll return to it one day though)
Now I've read tons about matched betting lately, and I decided to give it a go because it seemed like one of those things that once I got my head around it, I would understand it, be really good at it, and make absolutely tons of money. In reality, I watched the how-to videos on it, thought I'd got a good idea of it, and then felt like I didn't really make much of a profit - I also didn't really understand the liability fee on the lay side of things and actually ended up feeling like I'd lost loads of money. Luckily, I then ended up with some free spins on the casino on that site which I ended up making most of my money back on, so that was lucky. Which leads me on to . . .

Turns out I quite enjoy a slot game! Even when I'm not necessarily winning. I discovered that there are quite a few online casino sites offering good introductory offers, such as a certain number of free spins on certain slots once you've deposited and wagered an initial bet (usually of a minimum of ten pounds). So I gave a couple of these sites a go and on most of them I've made a profit just by using the initial bet/wager and free spins. The good thing about some of these sites is that you play with your tenner first, but as soon as you have wagered your whole tenner (even if you have winnings from it), the free spins will appear and you can use them straight away. Often this means that you have maybe already won a good amount of money (if I still have close to a tenner that's definitely a good thing!) and the free spins are then likely to boost your winnings further and put you into a profit. It's not always the case, and I would definitely not recommend choosing anywhere with wagering requirements on bonus funds where you need to spend your deposit first, but there are a few good sites you can try where you can have a bit of fun playing some slots and as an added bonus maybe make a profit which I've shared below. I also made 25 pounds without depositing any money last week just because of a couple of wee offers, so also worth keeping an eye on any emails from them. Just remember it IS gambling and you're not guaranteed a win . . . however it is also fun!
Heart Bingo
Monopoly Casino
Jackpot Joy
Virgin Games

SURVEYS (verdict: mostly a waste of time!)
You know those adverts that say things like "make 800 pounds a month doing surveys"? Well, even if that was genuine, I wouldn't want to. Surveys are DULL. And more often than not, you spend ages doing one only to be told you're not suitable, which is actually utterly rage-inducing. However, yougov seems decent enough and while you need to make 50 pounds to be able to withdraw, I'm halfway there despite doing surveys pretty infrequently! If anyone knows of any other decent ones, please let me know!

MUSIC MAGPIE (Verdict: the jury is still out, but I'll keep you updated!)
Now, I don't know about you but I have an absolute shedload of CDs and DVDs lying around that I haven't watched or listened to in ages. Let's be honest, in this day and age Spotify and Netflix are taking over a bit . . . and are so much easier! A few years ago, I made a good bit of money (I think it was about 120 quid) selling some stuff on music magpie, so I have been keen to try again . . . so last week I downloaded the app (which necessitated me getting rid of several other apps because the storage in my phone has been pish recently) and scanned over 70 items into my phone. Do you know how much it's offering me for this? 17 quid. I've got to admit, I'm tempted just to do it. I can't see myself getting most of them sold on my own, it seems like a good way to declutter, and I'd probably rather have that small bit of money for stuff I'm not using. In addition, I've found they're actually willing to take quite a few books off my hands too, albeit for not massive amounts either. It did, however, feel like they were mocking my music taste because nearly every CD I scanned resulted in the message along the lines of "oh sorry, we're not too keen on that one right now." Er, okay, music magpie, I get the hint - you hate my tunes!

ZIFFIT (Verdict: the jury is still out, but I'll keep you updated!)
I've got to admit, if my taste in music is debatable, my book taste probably isn't much better. But I discovered that Ziffit will take a few off my hands, and mainly for slightly better money than Music Magpie. However, I couldn't download the app for Ziffit due to the aforementioned lack of space on my phone, so had to type the ISBN info in manually, which made it a slightly more laborious process. And then I managed to lose the limited amount of books I had managed to type in so far. However, I have left those books in a pile, and intend to trawl around for some more. Once again, I'm probably not going to make a massive amount of money off this (possibly a fiver for ten books or so) but I still think it's worth it to get rid of some clutter and add to the moneypot, every little helps!

EBAY OR DEPOP? (Verdict: I don't have one yet - I need your help, guys!)
I have absolutely loads of clothes I can sell, including clothes I've had for years that I KNOW I'm never going to wear again . . . because there's no way I'll ever fit into them again.I just need to get off my arse and actually list them. But I can't decide whether I'm better to go with Ebay or Depop. Has anyone got any thoughts on these sites, and what one is better? I've sold many an item on ebay in the past but it was years ago and I'm not sure if Depop would be a better option. Any advice would be really appreciated! (For the record I HAVE started listing a couple of dresses on ebay, so feel free to pop by and check them out - my seller name is polly_poptart)

So that's my money making ideas for now. Have you tried any of these? Have you found any other ways of making extra money by selling, surveys, gambling or any other methods? I'd love to know so feel free to share in the comments! And wish me luck! :-)D

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