Monday, 20 August 2018


So back in May, I visited the Greek island of Kefalonia for the first time. And I absolutely loved it.

It's terrible that it's taken me until now to even talk about it and the only thing that's actually kicked my ass to do it is because I'm away to Crete tomorrow  (another Greek island I've never visited before) and if I don't do Kefalonia now I never will! And yes, I know I know, I'm ALWAYS on holiday but we got a good deal on Crete too so it was really a no-brainer. (For my guide to finding cheap deals, go here.)
Popping down to Argostoli  (dress is from Boohoo and still available - link here)

So anyway Kefalonia was lovely. We opted to stay in the resort of Lassi, which is one of the larger resorts on the island (but actually still quite small), and the apartments we stayed in were just on the edge of the resort. The Royal Apartments were new for 2018... so new in fact that we were the first guests to arrive! Which was kind of an honour as we absolutely adored the fortnight we spent there. Fairly basic apartments but set up a hill so we had gorgeous views, amazing sunsets, and a lovely pool area down some steps. 
Lassi itself is a nice resort, not too wild (Kefalonia isn't really that kind of island to be honest, which I was relieved about) and there were absolutely tons of nice restaurants. We actually did eat at a different place every night for a fortnight, and still missed loads of places out! I lie, we did eat at one place twice but that was just because it was our last night and we really wanted to go back to that restaurant. That restaurant was Amvrosia (I've popped in a wee link to the trip advisor reviews as I can't seem to see a website for them) and I'd thoroughly recommend, but notable mentions also go to Phaedra, Retseto and Ionio.  My mouth is watering just thinking of baked cheese and tasty mains all washed down with a carafe of white... and all for incredibly low prices too (usually eight quid for a litre carafe of wine, which is not to be sniffed at!).

Lassi also has some lovely beaches although because the resort is quite hilly they do have quite steep paths/roads down to them. So if you're not physically fit you may struggle - the good news is, I'm not that fit, and I struggled, but I still managed it! ;-)

Just over the hill is the capital of Kefalonia, Argostoli, and I was absolutely smitten with that town. Although when I mentioned "steep" in the previous paragraph, steep is an understatement with reference to Argostoli. It is quite the walk down to the front (And don't even get me started on the walk back up!) BUT the views are immense, looking across the water to dramatic hills that made me feel like I could be back in the Highlands on a sunny day. On our first visit we sat at a restaurant next to the water with a carafe of white wine and some baked feta with flaky pastry and honey and it was just such a lovely day.

On another we walked across the nearly mile long bridge to look for sea turtles in the water, and towards the end of our holiday rented a pedalo. We also caught the ferry over to Luxuri, around ten euros for both of us to get there and back. I'll be honest, that particular day was very hot and there wasn't much in the way of shade, so after a quick walk around Luxuri, we stopped for a sandwich and some wine in the lovely little square then hopped back on the next ferry to Argostoli.

On the De Bosset bridge - playsuit is from New Look (bought instore) and bag is from Primark

We also took a trip around to the lighthouse between Lassi and Argostoli, which was about a two mile walk and very instagrammable. (This thought was cemented when we watched a couple get changed into all white clothing in their car so they could conduct a photoshoot on it. :-) )

At Saint Theodore's lighthouse (midi dress from asos)

There's absolutely tons of other stuff to do on Kefalonia, many other beaches, and villages and caves to visit - we decided not to overdo it on our first trip there and stuck to the nearby attractions mentioned above but if we go back (which I hope we do, as soon as possible), I do hope to see a lot more of the island. It definitely is an absolutely stunning place and I still wistfully look at my holiday pictures from May wishing I was back there.

If you like beautiful scenery, lovely weather and delicious food, then Kefalonia is definitely a place you should consider visiting!!!

Have you ever been to Kefalonia? What's your favourite Greek island?