Friday, 11 May 2018


It feels like a long while since I've said this but . . .  I'm off on my holidays in just a few days!!!

There's a lot to do beforehand and as I'm working right up until the day before I go away, there's not much time to get stuff done. Here's the sort of stuff I think about during this time . . .

Will there be mosquitos? Are they already aware of my imminent arrival and setting up camp to wait at the airport for me? (On a related note, today we snapped up half of the mosquito repellent section of Poundland as a precautionary measure. They'll probably still get to me.)

Do I have enough space for photos in my phone? I really don't want to stumble upon something instagrammable and be unable to actually capture it. I'd better spend at least an hour combing through all my current photos and deciding which ones are expendable. What can I say, it's the Instagram addict in me . . .

Pants. Do I have enough? I'm sure I have absolutely plenty of knickers but every time I'm about to go anywhere they all decide to disappear into some sort of Underwear Black Hole. This is especially true this time as we're away for a fortnight.

Why do I suddenly hate every item of clothing I own? Nothing makes me dislike my wardrobe more than when I'm faced with the prospect of only taking a small fraction of it away with me and I suddenly don't want to take any of it.

Do I have enough euros? Always a fear. At the moment, I haven't even bought mine yet so that's also a concern.

Should I tidy my flat? I mean, I don't tidy it any other time of year but while I'm not actually using it, it makes sense for it to be tidy, obviously . . .

Will the weather be nice? I've been pretty lucky in most of my abroad holidays but there's always a wee risk that you might have a couple of crap days.  Even worse, me going abroad tends to result in the weather being much nicer back home. I mentioned that to a colleague the other day and he asked if I could leave the country more often. Charming.

And, most importantly of all . . . will the wine be cheap? I don't even think I need to dignify that with any sort of justification . . .

What do you think about before you go on holiday?


  1. Oh god I'm the same with undies! For some reason it's one of the main things I panic about before I travel.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  2. I usually think about what the chocolate will be like when I get to my destination. The answer is almost always that I don’t want to take the chance and I pack my own! :D


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