Friday, 20 April 2018


So I appear to have taken somewhat of an extended blog break once again.

It really wasn't my intention. At all. I had all these posts planned, I just needed to write them. But days turned into weeks and now it's been two months and I've logged in and my blog is all like "who are you, stranger?" - I'm feeling very ashamed. Sorry blog.

The worst bit is not that much has even happened in the last two months to stop me from actually posting. I've just been very very lazy. I'm now trying to think of what I've actually done recently and struggling. Let's see . . .

  • We popped up to the Highlands for a weekend at the end of February. It was an utterly gorgeous long weekend, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I met a curious deer who was just wandering around Torridon, had a smile-out with a sheep (it's a thing, even if I just made it up!), got chased around the car by another, more belligerent sheep, and drove down the amazing road to Kinloch Hourn (which is apparently the longest dead-end road in the UK and is DEFINITELY worth the drive).
  • We also spent some time over on the east side of Scotland over a couple of weekends - Perth and Carnoustie in one weekend, and Aberdeen and Broughty Ferry in another.
  • We booked a holiday abroad - we're off to Kefalonia in just under four weeks time for a whole fortnight and I'm so excited about this. I'm also desperate for chick-lit recommendations for my holiday reading so please hit me up if you have any must-read tip-offs for me - I am going to read a lot of books in two weeks. Also, any recommendations of places to visit in Kefalonia would be gratefully accepted as well!!!
  • I have read seven books since the start of the year. I'd highly recommend Jill Mansell's "This Could Change Everything", Jane Fallon's "Faking Friends" and Anna Bell's "It Started With a Tweet" if anyone else is looking for a chick-lit recommendation or three.
  • I've started another diet and am actually doing okay on it for a change. It's the Blood Sugar Diet and, although I've not been sticking to the principles all of the time (I'm still allowing myself the odd night out and treat) I've dropped half a stone. Still a loooonnnnggg way to go though.
  • I've been buying loads of lovely stuff online. You can probably expect a post on this at some point. If I remember to log back in.
  • I've been very active on Instagram. As you may remember from my last post, 5000 years ago, I am a bit of an Instagram addict. You should really go and follow me over there, and I don't really know how many more times I can tell you this. ;-)
  • And, most importantly of all . . . while I've been M.I.A., my blog turned ten years old. Ten!!! I had always planned to do some sort of giveaway when that happened, and then I missed it. But . . . I might still do something in honour of it very soon, providing people haven't given up on me and abandoned my blog forever. TEN YEARS OLD. Who can believe it?! It's almost ready for high school!
Anyway, I'd love to know what everyone else has been up to in the last two months. (I have to admit my reading of blogs largely fell by the wayside during this time too . . . sorry about that!) Are you still reading my blog? You been anywhere nice? Done anything fun? How old is your blog? Feel free to pop by and share and I promise I'll try and be here a bit more often.