Friday, 11 August 2017


So the other week when we were on the way into the office, oh-so-happily as per usual (yes, that was sarcasm), there was a segment of the radio show we were listening to where they were inviting listeners  to share stories about when they fell asleep at a party. Or something like that. I have to admit I was only half listening as I was too busy opening my wunderlist app to make a note in my blog post ideas list. ;-)

I'd love to say I don't have my own story but I do. I have a couple of them.

I've mentioned before that I have lots of trouble sleeping . . . except when I've had a good few drinks in me. Once that happens I can conk out like a light. Anywhere.

I've fallen asleep at a gig. And, more recently, on my team's Christmas night out, while just sitting at the table.

But the one that took the cake was the time I fell asleep at my friend's house on New Year's Eve a good few years ago. I was in a wee bit of an emotional black hole that night and let's just say I'd drank rather a lot to forget . . . as well as the fact it was new year's eve obviously which almost necessitates a lot of drinkies! So after the pre-night out drinks, the night out drinks and the post-night out drinks, I was rather drunken. And I fell asleep on my friend's couch. I must have woken up later and moved as I woke up in a bed, but I was most definitely asleep on the couch prior to that.

Because I found these pictures on Facebook the next day . . .

Yep, my friends had decided to have a wee bit of fun at my expense while I snoozed.


The bit that seemed to tickle people's funnybone the most was the bottle of Cif.

Annoyingly, I did not get to keep the alcohol.

So Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have lovely plans for tonight, drunken or otherwise, and I'd love you to share any drunken falling-asleep stories you have in the comments if you're so inclined!


  1. Curse social media for allowing 'friends' to document embarrassing moments. My sister is a swine for capturing drunken photos - or worse: videos - and posting them merrily on Facebook (one of the reasons I deactivated my account).


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