Friday, 18 August 2017


Some people never forget their first love.

Mine was probably Tae Bo.

I read about it back when I was in my early twenties and trying to lose weight - someone from "Melrose Place" was being interviewed about their fitness regime and talking about how they did Tae Bo classes. I had no idea who the actress was (I only ever saw the first series of the show and she definitely wasn't on that particular series) but she had a good body and I was utterly intrigued by the idea of a workout consisting of punches and kicks. It sounded like the kind of workout that even unfit little old me could get on board with.

I did my research and I eventually bought a VHS (I know - how old am I!!!) of a Tae Bo workout - it was the only one I could find at the time in my local Woolies and it cost me something ridiculous like sixteen pounds, but I was so excited. It was just a basic workout but I was ridiculously excited about it and loved it. Combined with my calorie counting, I lost loads of weight and really toned up.

Over the years since, I've forgotten about Tae Bo, then remembered about it and fallen in love with it all over again. Well, as much as *I* can fall in love with exercise - let's just say I like it more than any other workout. Why do I think it's so good?

1) Time goes much quicker doing Tae Bo than any other workout. Possibly because you're concentrating on trying to get a move or a combo right and it means that you don't notice the time as much.

2) It's really high energy but you don't necessarily need to jump around a lot. I hate jumping around too much as my ankles and legs get sore easily. Also, I live in a third floor flat and I don't want my downstairs neighbours to think there's a baby elephant living upstairs doing aerobics.

3)You're working your core so much without even really realising it. Jabbing across the body works your waist and there's loads of sneaky other moves that are pretty much standing-up crunches but combined with other moves so you don't notice as much.

4)There is little more therapeutic after a shit day than punching and kicking the air while imagining someone who has really really fucked you off that day. Trust me. It's truly magical.

And then there's one final amazing thing - I don't really like working out in the morning, I'm usually too tired and I don't always have time to wash my hair after a workout in the morning. However, I've found a number of short eight minute workouts online which means I can painfully quickly wriggle in and out of my straitjacket sports bra, do a decent quick workout without too much bouncing around, and then jump quickly in the shower without having to wash my hair . . . because I've felt like I've worked hard, but it's over fast and while I'm sweaty, I haven't reached the sweaty hair stage.  For me, this is just a little bonus workout, I still try and get something else done later, but it makes me feel good to have gotten a little additional workout prior to work because it does make you feel a bit more alert and ready for anything.

These workouts are on youtube and are completely free . . . and, as I said, they're over with in less than ten minutes!

This one is probably my favourite

I don't like this one quite as much but it's good for a wee change

And this one calls itself an eight minute workout but it also has quite a long warm-up with stretches at the start and a short cool down, so while the main workout is eight minutes, it works out as more a 15 minute workout in total. It's a bit more involved than the previous two, with a bit more lower body workout thrown in, so it's definitely worth a shot if you have a wee bit more time to spare.

If you've never entered the world of Tae Bo before, I would definitely recommend it. There are absolutely LOADS of workouts available free on youtube  apart from the ones I've embedded in this post, so it's definitely worth a look on there - there are also plenty of DVDs available of the workouts on amazon - have a look here - and some of them are pretty cheap so if you try the youtube workouts and like it you can build up a little collection of DVDs if you're so inclined.

Just watch out for that Billy Blanks, if he tells you "one more set" he's usually lying and you'll still be doing that "one more set" four sets later. Be warned! ;-) BUT it's old school, it's fun, it's therapeutic and it works you out - what more can you ask for? I'd definitely recommend it!

Have you ever tried Tae Bo?


  1. I love Tae Bo! Like you, it was probably my first exercise DVD/VHS love. I haven't done it ages though so I'll have to check out the YouTube workouts and dig out some of my DVDs. I heard a song that's on one of the Tae Bo DVDs I have the other day and "had" to demonstrate to my manfriend the exercise it gave me the urge to do (3 travelling jabs and then a hook).

    1. Ah yes, the 3 travelling jobs and a hook is a Tae Bo classic... I feel like every workout HAS to include it by law! 😂

    2. And by "jobs", I obviously meant "jabs"... severe case of the Fridays here!

  2. I love different varied workouts! I might try some of these while I'm on holiday. I did plan on going for runs but the pavements are too small to run safely over here. Doom.

    Corinne x


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