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So when I last posted about my challenge for 2017 to read 40 books, it was the end of March and I had read a grand total of . . . 5. But then I went on holiday for a week and a half and read . . . well, quite a few more. I don't know what it is about holidays but feeling so relaxed just helps me breeze through books in a way I just can't do at home!

Anyhow, I'm going to stick to my previous format and only post five at a time, but you may get a couple of instalments of this type of post in a much shorter space of time than last time . . . be warned!

6) Mad Love - Nick Spalding

In this book, a dating website decide to create publicity for themselves by matching up and marrying off two of their clients . . . even though they've never even been on a date before. Thanks to the little white lies that some people tell online, the new couple actually couldn't be any more unalike. But can they make their relationship work anyway?

I first read a Nick Spalding book back when I first got a kindle and really enjoyed it - this was no different. His books are hilarious, and some of the scenarios his characters end up in are just so cringily funny and out-there that you've got to wonder "has he actually dreamed up these himself . . . or have they happened to him?!?" 7/10

7) Sunbaked - Junie Coffey

I recently signed up to NetGalley and this was the first book I read from there. This was just before I went on holiday so as the book had a lovely island setting the plot really appealed to me. Nina, on a drunken whim one night, decides to buy a little house on the island of Pineapple Cay . . . and goes through with it and actually moves there! Pineapple Cay sounds like an idyllic little place, although she finds herself up against the local property bully/tycoon who wants her land, within minutes of landing. And then the tycoon's wife goes missing in mysterious circumstances and Nina somehow ends up drawn into this mystery.

It was a gentle but readable book, and I did enjoy it, it had just enough intrigue and interesting characters to keep me turning the pages and want to know what was going to happen. 6/10

8) Luckiest Girl Alive - Jessica Knoll

From the outside, Ani seems to have the perfect life - amazing magazine job, sweet fiancé . . . but she's hiding a past that was definitely not so perfect. But she's about to take part in a documentary about one of the incidents from her past, which brings a lot back to the surface.

When browsing books for my holiday on amazon, I came across the plot for this novel and it intrigued me which is why I bought it, rather than the fact amazon lauded it as a psychological thriller. I wouldn't have put it into my bracket myself personally but then I don't read a lot of books described as psychological thrillers so perhaps this is why. I breezed through this book in less than a day on holiday and, as past events unfolded, found it almost impossible to put down. 8/10

9) White Lies - Emily Harper

This is a fun story about Natalie, who decides she's sick of waiting for Mr Right to come to her and she is going to come to him instead . . . so she places a dating ad and waits for a variety of . . . well, losers to appear. In the meantime, she is worrying about her job as gorgeous Oliver has just been brought in by her company to make some changes . . . but could she be worrying about nothing here?

To me, it was pretty much obvious from the outset how the book was going to end but the journey was still fun and kept me reading. I wasn't a big fan of the letters she wrote to the man of her dreams at the start of each chapter, I found that part a bit overly cheesy (and, if you know me at all, you know how much I normally love a cheeseboard), but overall I loved the book. 7/10

10) One Italian Summer - Keris Stainton

Milly, her two sisters and her mum, who are all still struggling with the death of their dad, go to Italy for a family wedding. And Milly is very much aware that Luke is going to be there...who she hasn't seen since an embarrassing moment at her father's funeral. The location in Italy seemed idyllic and, was I not reading this on holiday, I would probably have been very jealous - it just sounded like the perfect place to go for a holiday and a wedding. The characters were great, the family were all very likeable and I feel like you get to know the three sisters really well and root for them to all find their happy ending. I have to admit I wasn't sure about Luke at first but he definitely grew on me.

This book (another one I had acquired through Netgalley) in turn made me laugh and made me cry, and kept me turning the pages (or flicking the down button on my kindle which doesn't quite have the same ring to it!) all the way through. I didn't want to put it down and I was sad when it ended...which is always a sign of a good book in my opinion! 10/10

So that's all for now . . . but expect another post or two around the challenge up very very soon!!!

What have you been reading recently?

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