Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Once again, I haven't posted for a couple of weeks.

I'm not going to apologise for it because that makes it sound like I actually think people are waiting with bated breath to see my next post appear in bloglovin (well, all 66 of you subscribed to my feed anyway - feel free to join them if you haven't already, eh?)

It's actually quite hilarious (in a distinctly unfunny way) that as I popped into blogger to open a new post, I glanced at my list of drafts and noticed I had one entitled "Bloggers Block? Maybe I Can Help". It was quite laughable really given that I have been suffering from it myself recently. And I haven't actually written that aforementioned post yet. Bahahahahaha.

(I'll maybe wait a couple more weeks before I write that particular post. Just so the sweet stench of irony can clear up a bit first...)

So I regularly get "blogger block". I'm sure I'm not alone here, right? (Please tell me I'm not.) I seriously admire people who can post every single day, or even several times a week regularly, because I just can't seem to keep that momentum going, and it's like I just get some sort of blogger burn-out if I try too hard to post on the regular.

So this is what tends to happen to me . . .

Very occasionally, I have a day to myself, with no plans, and I commit myself to sitting down and writing a few posts. I tell myself that this is my chance to get organised - I will finally have a ton of posts scheduled and while those posts are still waiting to be published, I'll get even more written up. I will be The Girl Who Is On Top Of Her Blog (TM) finally, the readers will flock to me and comment in their droves, and I'll be a PR person's dream and . . . then I wake up.

But yeah, sometimes I do manage to get a few posts ready to go. It usually takes me a while. Like maybe I planned to do five posts, and I only do three. But, y'know, I feel accomplished. I've actually set myself a goal and mostly achieved it. And the only way is up from here. I still have tons of ideas, and I just need to be a bit more focussed and not get distracted by googling ridiculously random things like how all the old Hollywood greats died. (True story.)

So fast forward a couple of days and those scheduled posts have all published . . . and I'm on my laptop browsing through every single dress on  asos rather than actually writing any more posts. (By the way, do you pronounce it AS-os or AY-sos? I pronounce it the first way because it was "AS seen on screen" originally but I seem to be in the minority and when I told a girl who complimented by dress last week that it was from Asos, she thought I said "Argos" and it was all very confusing and a tad embarrassing. But, once again, I digress.)

So then I think "I really really need to write a post, this is getting ridiculous, but first, let me check Boohoo and see if they have got any new dresses in since the last time I checked two days ago."

And after I've exhausted Boohoo, any other clothes website I can think of, had a little side trip off to Amazon to buy some more books for my Kindle even though I still have seventy million books I've still to read already on there, checked Facebook to see if I've missed anything in the last ten minutes, spent twenty minutes composing a pithy tweet for Twitter that I'm sure will get re-tweeted loads, uploaded a picture to Instagram, checked Facebook again, checked Twitter to see if aforementioned pithy tweet has been retweeted yet (no. People just clearly do not get my humour), and then ended up in some slideshow of what happened to all of the stars from some 90s TV show . . . I'll turn my attention back to the window opened to Blogger, and click the list app on my phone for inspiration to strike.

I have a massive list of blog post ideas and I add to them on the regular. As soon as something pops into my head, I open my wunderlist app and stick my idea in there, adding to the huge pool of post ideas I already have. However, there's one problem here. I STILL don't always remember what the post was meant to be about!! 

For example, I have one that just says "google". That's it. "Google." What about google??? What was my great idea? More recently, I have one that says "would I lie to you" - I asked the boyfriend "do you have any idea what this post idea was? Was it the TV show?" He suggested it might be the 90s Charles And Eddie song. It could very well be - Heart FM play it all the time and I'm sick to death of it. But surely I couldn't make my dislike of that song into a whole post?? It's barely reaching anecdote status in this post.

Granted, there are some really good ideas, in my opinion anyway, on my list . . . the problem is that a lot of the time I can't force myself to write the post, as enthusiastic as I may feel about the topic. I have to wait until I'm in the mood to write that particular post.

But wait . . . I've not read any other blogs in a while! Surely I should go and catch up with my fellow bloggers before I write a new post? I open up bloglovin and realise I have approximately 300 or so posts to catch up on (I follow a lot of people on there.). This is going to take a while . . .

After that, it's time to check facebook and twitter again (still no retweet action on my amazing tweet, seriously???), then I should probably check my email . . . oh, and what's for dinner tonight? I should probably look at Pinterest for some inspiration . . . and that's me for the night, once I've fallen down the Pinterest rabbit hole there's no escape.

So . . . repeat the above process over and over, for days, with the odd point where I actually manage to snap out of it and get a post written and published (very rarely) . . . until the point where I have a day off and grand plans to get a few posts written up and scheduled for publishing. And this time it's going to be different, this time I'm going to stay on top of things, this time I am going to be The Girl Who Is On Top Of Her Blog (TM).

Hmmm... well this is post one of the day . . . and I'm already feeling quite tired. :-/

Can anyone else identify???


  1. Quality not quantity, Paula - that's the key. I post about once a week although when I started I was posting more as I wanted it to be like a diary. Now, I just save up the best/worst/notable/funniest bits from my week and spew them out in one, long, rambling post. Maybe little and often should be my motto?

  2. I absolutely identify. It can seem so time consuming, but the more time you spend dwelling on getting a post written, the less time you have to write the post! I've set myself a challenge of writing twice a week, and pushing myself to comment on at least 5 blog posts a day (somehow I'm getting there) but the posts I do write, I'm only managing to get written the night before my schedule! You'll get there, though <3 Maybe set an alarm to get yourself off pinterest :P (Also, I pronounce it as AY-sos.)

    gail // www.sherbet-aurora.co.uk


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