Monday, 27 March 2017


I love a dramatic view and I love Loch Lomond. I've saw Loch Lomond from various different places around the loch, but yesterday I got to see it from a viewpoint I'd never had before - from the top of Duncryne Hill. And boy was it a great view.

I've spoken before about how I'm quite a lazy person, and while I do love to look at pretty things, I prefer them not to take too much effort. Duncryne Hill, known also (very cutely) as "The Dumpling" was perfect for me as it didn't take too much of my energy to climb it, but I got very much rewarded for my moderate effort at the end!

The hill is by Gartocharn and near to (of course) the beautiful Loch Lomond. Next to the gates leading to the path up the hill is a layby where you can park next to a narrow road. I had to get out of the passenger side first before the fella finished parking so he could park as far in as possible! There were quite a few cars there already when we arrived, and people came and went in the time we were there.

It was a lovely day, and had been sunny for a couple of days now, so I'd decided not to change into my walking boots (yes. I have walking boots now. They're only from Primark but I do feel like I've grown a bit as a person.) and kept my pumps on. Which seemed fine at first. We walked up the path through the wood, came to a gate about five minutes in and realised that there was a big path of MUD facing us. Drat.

We decided to give it a go anyway, but after two or three steps my foot was covered in mud and I nearly lost my shoe, so we decided to go back and change into more sensible footwear.

Round two.

We navigated our way through the mud much more easily this time around - it was only a few minutes of utter squelchiness before the path went back to its regular programming. It probably only took about 15 minutes from there to reach the top, although the path was very steep at times, and I was struggling on account of being an aforementioned lazy bum. By the time I reached the top I was very very out of breath. I could see tons of folk already up at the top (it seemed to be quite popular), so I slowed down just before the top to catch my breath so I wasn't virtually hyperventilating in front of other human beings.

The view was amazing - you could see for miles around, the loch and its many islands, and the mountains and hills surrounding it. I felt quite proud of myself for discovering the hill (as in happening across it online, I'm not Christopher Columbus or anything, I'm not going to lay claim to it!)

 We stayed up there for about ten minutes admiring the view and enjoying the sunshine, before heading back to the car. There were a couple of bits on the (same) path down that were dicier than those on the way up - I wasn't worried about going over the edge or anything (it's not really that kind of hill) but I was worried about falling on my arse. Mostly it was an easy walk back down though.

All in all from getting out of the car at the start, the round trip including the false start, me trying to clean my feet and failing before struggling into my boots, and the ten minutes at the top, lasted 50 minutes, so as you can see it's not an all-day thing by any means, it's a good wee bit of exercise though! I would definitely recommend a wee trip up there if you're in the area... on a sunny clear day like yesterday it was utterly stunning!
Just make sure your footwear can withstand mud!

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