Sunday, 12 March 2017


Me and the fella had an absolutely lovely night away in a seaview snug last weekend.

Disclaimer before I go any further with this: this isn't a sponsored post. (I would say if it was and, also, if anyone is reading this and wants to offer me free stays away, feel free - it would be a hell of a lot easier on my bank balance!). I bought a voucher deal for the fella for his birthday, which gave us a night there for a bargainous price of 69 pounds. Trust me, it was worth the money! (If you are planning to give voucher deals as a present, you can find my guide to it here.)

Anyway . . . we finally got it booked up, after getting a day off sorted (the deal was only available Sunday to Thursday so we needed to take a wee cheeky Monday off) and me anxiously checking the website to see if any of the snugs were still available on that particular day, and asking the fella "have you booked it yet?" at least once a day.

The snugs are situated in Gatehouse of Fleet in Dumfries and Galloway with a lovely view of (you guessed it!) . .. water. I believe it's the Solway Firth. They are part of the Laggan Activity centre, so you can always combine your stay with an outdoor activity like grass sledging or even zip-sliding for an additional cost (booking is advisable for activities to avoid disappointment). We decided to make our activity a bit of outdoor drinking at the table and chairs situated just outside our snug... I doubt any of you are surprised about this!

We stayed in The Shore which had a nautical theme to it, and had a clean blue and white colour scheme. It was absolutely gorgeous, and had so much space in it. Each snug also has a bathroom (thank goodness - I don't do camping and even glamping is a struggle for me as I always need my own bathroom. None of this sharing nonsense.) with an absolutely MASSIVE shower!

There was plenty of storage space and places to hang up your clothes, tea/coffee making facilities, Wi-Fi (a must!), another table and chairs inside for you to sit and enjoy the view if it's not too nice outside, and a large TV which even had Netflix on it . . . once the sun had gone down and the view disappeared, we hopped onto that and re-watched Taken 3.

It was possibly the aforementioned outside bit I loved the most though. It was pretty much a "natural balcony" where you could sit and watch the water, the cars going past on the road far below . . . and there was a little stream too. Very pretty.

Although there are eight snugs and I believe they were all occupied, the only time we really saw any of the others was when they arrived . . . I think we were first to get checked in so as we sat outside we saw some of the others parking and walking up from the car to their snugs. Otherwise we didn't see anyone again until we were leaving and there were a couple sitting out in the morning sunshine. We were very jealous!

It was an awesome stay and I'd thoroughly recommend it if you're looking for a wee night away. We took a "hotel picnic" (plenty of cold meat, cheese, wine etc) to save ourselves some money but if you're looking for dinner out you could always pop out in the car (there is a café on site too but I'm not sure of its opening hours). Word of warning - the activity centre is being done up at the moment (I think they're expanding) but we didn't notice it - it didn't affect the sea view. I think this likely means the prices will go up once the construction has been completed (it's currently 80 pounds a night plus 60 for each subsequent night according to the website) so best to get in there while you can.

Go. It's great. I promise. Pinky swear. (Website can be found here.)

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