Thursday, 16 March 2017


An evening invite for a wedding popped up on my desk this morning, and with it the inevitable, panic-inducing question . . .


I love clothes but trying to find a dress for a fancy event is always a bit of a minefield for me. It's like I have an idea of what I want in my head, but I have no idea what it is or how to put it into an actual description! So when I'm trying to find a dress, it's an absolute nightmare because . . . how am I meant to find what I'm looking for if I don't know what I'm looking for until I find it.

It's an eternal conundrum.

So I've been looking through the usual suspects of websites and have found a few I like.

I am a big fan of this River Island dress. I have been a crushed velvet fan for as long as I can remember, probably since it was fashionable the last time around. And I love the colour green, and off-the-shoulder styles, but I'm worried it might be too casual?

This Boohoo shift dress is really cute and really "wedding-y" if you know what I mean. I love a bit of embellishment. It doesn't seem too bodycon either which is always a good thing in my book. (Is it just me, or does the very word "bodycon" incite absolute terror in anyone else's soul?)

 I like this little Vesper number from asos . . . makes me think of a pretty present. Quite simple but very sophisticated. I love lace, I love navy blue (which is weird when I think about how I did everything to avoid wearing my navy blue school uniform back in the day). It's a bit higher-necked than I'm used to (I am most definitely a "cleavage" girl) but I think I'd not mind too much with this.

Did I mention I love lace? This La Redoute dress is pretty simple but a gorgeous colour. Quite high-necked once again . . . perhaps I'm growing as a person? Nah . . . surely not?!?

I love a bit of jacquard too . . . and this is back to my good old plunging neckline best! And a bit of a bargain too - this Very dress is currently only 18 quid!!! I'm assuming the belt, shoes and sale sign are not included in the price. ;-)

Now last but not least . . . when I'm shopping online I tend to immediately sort the products I'm browsing into the "low to high price range" and if I forget I tend to be disappointed when I see a dress I like and then discover it's 120 quid and waayyyyy out of my price range. This Comino Couture dress is a prime example of this. :-( Please, if anyone knows of a cheaper dupe, do a girl a solid and sling the link my way, eh?

And, while we're on the subject of favours, if you have any opinions, other websites I can try, or any suggestions of dresses you think might be my bag, please leave me a wee comment and help me out!


  1. I think the green lace one's the best. I know you didn't actually ask for an opinion but I thought I'd toss my two penn'worth in anyway! Also, have you had a look on Lipsy?

    1. Thanks! :-) I haven't tried Lipsy, although I have to admit their clothes tend to be a bit too "bodycon" for my liking. Plus I spent fifty odd quid on a dress from there online once only to discover that when I finally got the zip up I had very attractive . . . back cleavage. (Urgh.)


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