Thursday, 9 February 2017


There are a lot of great Glens in this world. Glen Coe, Glen Elchaig, Glen Coco . . . oh, wait. (You can go, Glen Coco.)

Let's welcome Glenelg to the mix.

The area of Glenelg and its surrounding peninsula is pretty damn lovely . . . and it has an unlikely out-of-this-world (literally) twin town . . . Glenelg on Mars!!!

If you're on the road heading from the  Fort William area up towards Eilean Donan Castle or Kyle of Lochalsh, you'll find the road to Glenelg on your left. Until our trip North a few weeks ago, I hadn't realised there was more to this part of the road than the bridge to Skye (and a couple of mountain goats who were at the side of the road every single time we drove past - and that's including the road back from Skye two years ago!) but with Glen Elchaig to the east and Glenelg to the west . . . there's more to this part of the road than meets the eye!

The road firstly climbs up steeply, with loads of twists and turns, and when you reach Mam Ratagan's viewpoint, you will find an absolutely beautiful vista, looking out over Loch Duich and the Five Sisters of Kintail. Very good if you're big on views, and taking lovely pics of views without having to do the actual climbing thing... ie. very much like me!

10 miles in you'll come across Glenelg, which is a tiny little village opposite Skye. In fact, if you go right when you reach Glenelg and drive along a little further, you will find what is effectively a big shed and a slipway . . .  for six months or so of the year (not in winter) you can get the small ferry across to Skye... quite different from the larger Mallaig ferry or the Skye Bridge, I would wager!

If you get to Glenelg and go left you will find the Glenelg Brochs. Always good to have something to climb on. Unfortunately in the middle of January, despite being a sunny day, it was about minus two degrees at that point and we couldn't dither in a broch for long!


As we drove along the road we also spotted a woman on the road walking two dogs . . . and a pony! Not something you see everyday. ;-)

This was a lovely road from start to finish . . . full of lovely views and sights, and you get to see Skye from another angle. Definitely worth the drive. Let's just hope that Glenelg don't organise an exchange programme with the residents of their twin town anytime soon . . .