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I've mentioned on many an occasion that I do love a wee overnighter, staying in a hotel, or a bed and breakfast, or basically just anywhere that isn't my flat or my boyfriend's house makes me feel really happy. And at this time of year, when post-Christmas comedown is starting to take hold, it's nice to have a wee overnight stay or ten to look forward to . . . so I'm already looking at options.

Me and the fella both got each other a hotel stay voucher deal (both were, weirdly, for hotels not too far away from one another - but we do have an odd seemingly psychic connection in that respect), I also have a £50 voucher to buy a 5pm deal, so that's inevitably going to be another hotel deal which will be purchased using that . . . and it's the fella's birthday in January so we're planning something for that too. So already plenty to look forward to - just got to get it all booked!

Anyway, this post isn't meant to be about what's coming up - I just wanted to do a wee look back at some of my favourite overnight stays of this year in various parts of Scotland... maybe it will provide someone else with some inspiration, as well as perhaps highlight some hotels or areas you've not considered visiting!

1. The Auld Cairn, Cairnryan

It's a room with a view . . . but do you even need a view when the inside is this pretty???

Now, I'll be honest, there ain't much to do in Cairnryan - its main claim to fame is that you can get the ferry to Northern Ireland from there. So this is how we happened upon this particular B&B, as we were looking for a place to rest our heads in advance of an early ferry crossing. But when we discovered the reasonably priced room (£60/night) was not only massive and had a loch view, but it also had a four poster bed and a roll-top bath, how could we resist? Just make sure you bring supplies! It was an absolutely gorgeous room though.

2. Goldberry Cottage B&B, Ardgartan

Loch Long; definitely in my top five (lists of lochs that is!) . . .

I'm a sucker for a loch view and Loch Long is a loch which really does give good view. For our three year anniversary, we booked a wee overnight trip to Goldberry Cottage, and it really was lovely there. The room was lovely, and the owners so friendly. There was also a breakfast menu which you could order from the night before - and breakfast was served with a beautiful view of the loch. Arrochar, which is at the top of Loch Long and has a number of pubs, is about a 2 mile walk away . . . and yes, we attempted that walk, which took us around 40 minutes. On the way back though, it was pitch black - there are no street lights apart from lights from passing cars. Now that was quite an adventure!

3. Anchor Hotel Tarbert

View of Tarbert castle. Where I fell on my arse. Not that I'm still going out about it . . .
Now I've spoken about this hotel earlier on in the year so I'll not rave about it again. But I'd definitely recommend a wee jaunt over the Rest and be Thankful and on to the lovely Tarbert - and this hotel is definitely worth a wee stay. You can even stay on the barge across the road!

4. The Inveraray Inn

And . . . breathe!

One week during the summer we were both having a particularly bad week (I can't even remember why now) so the fella decided to book a wee overnight stay to look forward to that weekend. We decided on Inveraray. Now, this place is worth the trip just to see it appear in front of you as you drive along the side of Loch Fyne (also a beautiful loch). And yes, the Inveraray Inn is a wee bit dated, but I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. I had a lovely Saturday there. We watched Murray win a match at Wimbledon on the tv in the pub, and then had a lovely view from our room of not only the loch, but also a wedding which was going on in a marquee across the road. One of my favourite memories was us sitting next to the window listening to the wedding band singing "Caledonia" while we drank wine and stared out over the beautiful loch. What a perfect end to an evening. (Cheesy, I know but . . . deal with it.)

Did you get any wee overnight stays squeezed in anywhere in 2016? I'd love your recommendations - even if they weren't stays in Scotland!

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  1. Scotland has some amazing sights, so far I've only visited Glasgow, haha! I like the idea of getting a hotel for a night or two, sounds wonderfully refreshing, kinda like a mini holiday!

    Great post,

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