Thursday, 22 December 2016


I'm not taking part in any form of Secret Santa this year and I can't decide if I'm disappointed or relieved about this.

It's quite the conundrum. Let me elaborate...

You see, like most people, I love presents. I like giving them, and I really like receiving them. (Sorry, I have to be honest about it.) So if Secret Santa in the workplace is a way for me to gain an extra present then of course I'm going to be happy about it. (I'm not so keen on it if it is going to take away the opportunity for extra presents . . . I know some people do it within their families for example.)

And I'm ridiculously easy to buy for. I love most things. Jewelery, wine, make-up, wine, toiletries, , books, DVDs, wine, silly little trinkets, chocolate, wine. Have I said wine a lot? Weird. But I have rarely had a bad Secret Santa experience as the one receiving the gift. I've had lovely necklaces, bubble bath, chocolate, even perfume. I've done pretty damn well thanks to Secret Santa, thank you very much!

I know a lot of people haven't done so well though!

I once witnessed someone getting given a ten pound note as a present (the limit for the present was ten pounds so that wasn't really a challenge) when I know that the unlucky recipient of that particular tenner had rushed out an hour prior to the giving part of the challenge to try and find something interesting for THEIR recipient for a tenner. Now, I'm not saying a tenner isn't a good present, but it's not really entering into the spirit of things, is it?

I heard a rumour that someone I know once had no idea what to get as a secret santa gift so ended up buying a trowel. Not sure how one reaches that decision but each to their own I suppose! (And I really hope it was a bit prettier than the trowel I made very badly in Craft & Design class back in high school...  For example, a pretty Cath Kidston one could be nice. Even though I don't have garden but I'm sure I could do something decorative with it...)

But that's the thing about Secret Santa. It's all well and good if you choose someone who is really easy to buy for, or you know really well, or you were actually really really hoping you would pick as you had the absolute best idea for them. But if you get someone you don't know very well, trying to pick them a present is a bit more of a challenge. Especially when you have a price limit to stick to.

And what if you get someone really fussy? Once again I've been very lucky with this and usually get someone easy to buy for. But there's always time for that to change.

So while Secret Santa is something I will always be keen to be involved in if the option is there . . . I guess there's always a part of me that is relieved when the option is taken away from me. So this year I can breathe a sigh of relief and know I've actually got all my Christmas shopping done (in less than a week, btw!) without stressing that the person I'm buying my Secret Santa present for is actually going to hate whatever I've chosen. Phew!

Do you have any Secret Santa funny/horror stories? I'd love to hear about them!

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