Wednesday, 14 December 2016


I really enjoy getting ready for a night out.

I like to set aside loads of time to get myself all prepped up... ideally I want a good few hours to do it. During the week, I struggle to get out of bed and thanks to my addiction to the snooze button I tend to have to get my make-up and hair done in a hurry, which I hate. I like actually having the time to spend on myself, actually getting my look the way I want it.

In some ways, I probably prefer the getting-ready-for-the-night-out part more than the actual night out bit. Just me?

However, I do always find that however well-prepared I am, there is a tendency for it to descend into chaos at the last minute, leaving me in a sweaty panic wondering what the hell went wrong.

There has been many a time I have left myself so much time to get ready, allowed myself time not only to have a leisurely bath, but also to have time to jump in a shower, wash and blow-dry my hair, paint my face like I think I'm a fecking work of art . . . only to discover that last twenty minutes something goes wrong . . .

  • Hair was perfectly blow-dried? Well, it's about to go frizzy in my suddenly-way-too-warm flat, and my straighteners are proving futile.

  • Or I decide that today would be a great day to curl my hair with straighteners. Oh no. That never ends well and even if you try and fail to curl your hair with straighteners, it's virtually impossible to get straight again without starting over.

  • The false eyelash incident. I've spoke about this before - when my eye-make-up looks absolutely great for a change and then one badly applied false eyelash messes up everything!

  • A last minute clothing crisis. Even if I had my outfit planned down to the tiniest detail, I suddenly take against the entire outfit and know I will never feel comfortable with it on. And so I end up trying on five different dresses, getting sweatier and sweatier as time ticks away . . . only to end up in the original outfit, hating it with a passion.

  • OR I decided to wear tights because I really couldn't be arsed fitting in leg-shaving and fake tanning in amongst the other pampering sessions . . . and then the only pair of tights I can find have a massive ladder in them.

  • I chip a nail and try to fix the polish... only to get to the next part of the getting-ready process and discovering I need that nail for something... and smudging it!

  • Getting mascara in my hair. I'm too blonde for that shit.

Sometimes I think I really shouldn't be allowed to leave the house.

Other times I actually sometimes get through the getting-ready-process, get out of the house feeling relatively calm, and actually scrub up alright (see above example).

Those times seem few and far between though . . .

Tell me I'm not alone here!  Have I missed any last minute getting-ready-disasters? Please feel free to share!

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