Tuesday, 6 December 2016


So I mentioned in one of my posts recently that I had decided to revisit the 5:2 diet. After months - nay, years! - of dieting unsuccessfully, I decided that the 5:2 was probably the easiest to stick to. Mainly because of the whole only having to be mega-strict for those 2 days of every week.

I'm onto my third week again but I feel like it's easier (mostly) this time. I lost three pounds the first week and only maintained the second . . . but I was out for dinner and drinks for all of the other nights I wasn't doing the fast days on that second week so not actually putting on any weight was probably a big bonus!

So anyway I thought I'd share the way I am doing 5:2 this time around.

1) I put off eating as long as I can on a fast day.  I doubt I could last until evening even with a massive effort but I can last until lunchtime.

2) I'm being prepared. Even if I haven't made a lunch in advance, I will buy a soup the night before - pop it in the microwave the following morning, stick it in a flask... lunch is served.

3) I try to aim for 150 calories, less if possible, for a fast day lunch - this is why soup is ideal. Salad is also pretty good - but soup is much easier to eat in my opinion!

4) I try to make the most of my dinner with a lot of low cal vegetables - most of the time this means I can add in a little bit of the things I enjoy on non-fast days . . . like cheese or crème fraiche.

5) If this also means I can add in a little bit of chocolate within my 500 calorie allowance as a before-bed treat, then I'm going to make sure I can do that. 

6) I find if I can make it until dinnertime, I can usually keep going on a fast day. Yesterday I was so close to giving up between lunch and dinnertime because I was just soooo hungry. But if you can hold out and eat your low calorie healthy dinner .. . . you find you're actually okay. And by that point it's nearly the end of the day and you can last a few more hours until bedtime.

7) Last time I was using ready meals for my low calorie dinners. This time I am cooking my own from scratch. I had thought originally cooking my own fast day dinner would make it harder. Surprisingly, if anything, it makes it easier. Cooking seems to focus me. And make me appreciate my food more!

Whether this makes a difference or not,  I don't know. But I definitely am finding it easier this time around and, although I think I will definitely have to break while I'm off work at Christmas (I find it easier to fast while at work), I do think I will continue following this diet for a while . . . and if I can stick to my above rules, I feel I will be able to stick to it.

I have some great recipes I've found so far, as well as books and other resources . . . if you follow me on instagram, you may already have saw some of these. But, if not, I will share these in a part two very soon.

Have you ever tried the 5:2 diet?

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