Sunday, 27 November 2016


Can you believe it is less than a month until Christmas now? I can't quite get my head around this - wasn't it last Christmas only about three weeks ago??? This year has went so bloody fast!

Anyhoo, it's time to get into Christmas gear and apparently this means we should all be buying our Christmas jumpers!

Photo credit goes to the lovely fella for this one!

Now, I've always eschewed this tradition as I don't really buy into (literally!) the idea of purchasing a jumper that only really serves any purpose at one time of the year. But this year I'm feeling more like I should get into the spirit of things and actually buy one! Because a) I guess I can use it every year, even if it's just one time each year and b) at least it should keep me cosy!

So what ones do I have my eye on? Let's have a look . . .

First up, I'm loving this penguin jumper from asos. Okay, it doesn't specifically mention Christmas but it's festive enough... and it means I could potentially wear it at times other than Christmas, thus negating the spending guilt. And it has a cute penguin on it - need I say more!?!

Next . . . loving this little boohoo number! I like to think that I am Santa's favourite blonde. ;-)

Oooh, I love this Yumi one on the House of Fraser website - polar bears are the cutest. And, once again, I could wear this at other times of year too!
 We've got to have a little "classic" Christmas jumper, the type that made the whole thing a trend in the first place. I reckon this little Rudolph one from Pretty Little Thing fits the bill perfectly and ticks the old-school boxes.  BUT still looks cute rather than cringe-inducing.

It's a tad too early for me to get too excited about Christmas yet, so this jumper would be PERFECT for me. Oh, and I can't resist a bad joke. Or do I mean a "baaaa-d" joke?!?  (I'm so sorry. Please keep reading.)

Today we were visiting a castle and we saw a lovely little round robin sitting on a fence. So when I saw this Dorothy Perkins jumper, I fell instantly in love...AND it has sequins! What's not to like???
Okay, so I think this one might be the one for me. It's actually a Christmas t-shirt rather than a jumper... but it's got a reference to Prosecco which, if you know me at all, you know I love!

And last but not least, could this ASDA jumper be any more adorable? I definitely seem to favour Christmas jumpers with an animal theme don't I? I make absolutely no apologies for this.

So that's my little round-up complete. Did you see anything you liked in there? Or have you already bought your Christmas jumper? Or, like me, have you never really bought into the idea? I'd love to know!

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  1. Christmas isn't complete if I don't pick up at least one or two new Christmas jumpers for my collection, it's almost become a tradition! These are all cute picks, I love the Baa Humbug one!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland


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