Friday, 5 August 2016


Happy Friday!

Always an awesome feeling  . . . well, as long as you don't work weekends, in which case I apologise and will try not to rub it in. This post isn't really about the weekend anyway. It's about something related to Friday in particular, which quite a lot of people will experience in their working life.

Dress-down Fridays.

I don't really *get* the whole concept of "casual Fridays".

It may partly be because I'm not really a "casual dresser" as such. I've only owned about two pairs of jeans in the past five years and I don't really feel comfortable in them. At the moment I don't own any that fit, for a start, so I'm certainly not going to wear them to work on a Friday!

I also just don't understand what makes Friday a different day from the rest of the week, when you're required to dress smartly. Don't the same things still happen that happen every other day that mean you dress smartly on those days? Meetings, visitors coming into the office? I've worked in so many offices over the years that operate a casual Friday policy and this still bamboozles me many years later!

But the main thing that annoys me about it is that I only have a few outfits I actually feel I can wear on a Friday, probably about three outfits that I wear on a rotation - a black top and stretchy mini skirt (I have two in different patterns which I alternate), a grey pinafore dress (pictured above) or  a black jersey dress. Which are also my standard weekend garb. (Seriously, if you look at any Instagram pics of me from a weekend you'll start to notice a recurring theme!)

I think most people wake up on a Friday, think "brilliant, I can wear what I want" and throw on a pair of jeans and a nice top and come in and look fab . . . I just always wear the same thing. And if I'm meant to be going out straight from work it's even worse because I'm not wearing anything different than I wear most Fridays. So I feel like people must think "does she have no clothes or something?" on a Friday. Even if I do think the few "more casual" clothes I own are cute.

It's weird because I used to love a "non-uniform" day in school growing up. The difference was though that I was wearing a uniform I hated on the other days. These days I far prefer my "uniform" of non-casual clothes and would rather stick to them!

Maybe I just need to buy more casual clothes.

Any excuse to spend money on more clothes! ;-)

Do you have a casual Friday in your workplace?


  1. I think casual Fridays work really well in old-fashioned corporations. When I had to wear a suit every day, it was a relief to be able to put on a comfy jumper on a Friday.

    In my current job, we can dress pretty casual anyway, so Fridays are no longer that special!

    Well, apart from that I can wear trainers. And that's always good.

  2. I hate things like this. I hate having to wear different clothes for work. We often have fancy dress days and its annoying to have to buy a new outfit and then not be able to work as well in it bc it's not comfy!

    Corinne x


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