Sunday, 5 June 2016


When you're on a holiday there is always the fear that you'll fall foul of the dreaded sunlounger stand-off . . . well, if you're on a sunshine holiday anyway, obviously if you've headed to the Arctic or on a city break you might not necessarily face such a problem! But if you're somewhere with a pool and sunloungers, there's always a chance that you will experience all of the downsides of people who can't play nice in the pool area.

Now, I've usually been pretty lucky in this respect. There has been the odd holiday I've been on where it's been impossible to get a lounger because they are all bagged, don't get me wrong - but largely I can get a lounger in the sunshine which I can move around if necessary . . . and my recent holiday to Corfu was no exception.

All of the loungers could be in the sunshine all day, which was good. Usually you have a little pocket of the pool where the loungers are the best in terms of sunshine, but I don't think that was really the case with this pool.

You still got the odd person coming out and bagging a lounger and then fucking off for several hours, it seems to be inevitable! But because we were in a half full apartment complex probably due to it being a) very early in the season and b) a Friday 13th flight it didn't really affect us.

But there were these two woman who really started to piss us off with the loungers. To the point where we started to think they were doing it on purpose.

Whatever loungers we appropriated on any given day, we would come out the following day to find they were in that spot.

Now, I'm not saying we owned the loungers, far from it. They got them fair and square.

But we kept having to move to a completely different set of loungers each day because of them . . . only to find them in those loungers the next day. It was like they saw the loungers we were in, thought they looked good . . . and would choose them the next day. Then be jealous of our alternative loungers so choose them the next day . . . . forcing us to move again.

Even more galling, the third time this happened, one of the woman moved her lounger so that it was actually practically in the pool, forcing us to have to have to walk really carefully around her to get to the bar so we didn't fall in the pool! I was very tempted to pour some wine on her "by accident" . . . but I would have hated to downsize on my vino blanco fix because of her.

It genuinely did feel like they were purposely trying to wind us up.

After we were on to them, we decided to defeat them by going out earlier than them. So we went out and re-appropriated the loungers they'd beat us to the following day. Ha!!! They were forced to go and sit elsewhere for the day. Or so we thought...

That day it was really hot so we decided to pop over for a drink inside the bar, and had a couple of games of pool while we were over there. I glanced over and the women appeared to have gone . . . but when we got back to our loungers I discovered it was because they'd decided to move their loungers to right behind us! There was no reason for it, the sun was still hitting every single spot around the pool. Why do it if not to just be pains in the arse?

Okay, okay . . . I know I'm being a total drama queen about this, but we were on holiday and the whole set-up was very relaxed, so maybe I just needed a wee bit of drama in my life so I invented it! That being said, the boyfriend completely agrees with me on this, and he's pretty sensible, so maybe I'm completely justified in being annoyed about this. :-)

I have to admit to a TEENY bit of satisfaction on our last day when there was only a tiny bit of sunshine in the morning before it went dull and rainy, and they missed that hour window. Seeing them sitting in the pool bar with their faces tripping them cheered me up a tiny bit. Oh god, I'm such a mean person!

Anyhoo, when it comes to sunloungers on holiday, I have a couple of rules to live by.

1) I have no problem with you bagging a lounger in advance. But PLEASE make sure you're actually planning to use it shortly after bagging it. I have a MASSIVE problem with you if you stick your towels over the best loungers at 8am and then go back to bed until midday.
2) It's okay to leave your lounger and go for a wee bite to eat in the pool bar, or nip back to your room for ten minutes to cool down. But, once again, if you've decided you're actually going to go for a big lunch elsewhere or a boat trip or to lie on the beach for a bit instead cos you're bored . . . take the bloody towel with you and free up the lounger for someone else.

So I guess my basic rule is only leave your towel on the lounger if you're planning to be on said lounger for most of the day.

And I guess my other rule is don't piss me off. Unfortunately I can't 100% advise you on how to do this, because people continue to come up with new and inventive ways to piss me off. But follow the other rules above and you'll be a lot safer from my wrath! ;-)

Oh, and please feel free to share any sunlounger-based drama you have experienced. I do love a bit of drama (in case that wasn't obvious!). . .

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  1. I get so so annoyed by this! We went to Fuerteventura last December, and I am someone who happily sits in the shade with a book so I always get a lounger, but opposite me were four sunbeds with towels on, in the prime spot, we got there around 11am and apart from leaving with lunch were there till about 4pm and during this time NO ONE CAME to them, I just thought how bloody selfish, someone could have used them all day.


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