Monday, 11 April 2016


So "Made in Chelsea" is back on our screens as of tonight. So, in honour of this, I have decided to make up a little drinking game for it.

Sidebar: Please note I am not playing this game myself, nor do I encourage you to do so. Since I reckon that if you drank every time one of the below things happened, you wouldn't make it through the first half of the show before you were pretty damn tipsy. This is really just for funsies.

Warning made, if we were playing this drinking game, here are the points when you should take a drink . . .

***When someone has an intense meeting next to the river. In the usual place. You know where I mean. ;-)

***When Lucy makes her “awkward” face.

***When Spenny hits on one of his mate’s new girlfriends.

***When it turns out Spenny actually slept with his mate’s new girlfriends in the past.

***When Spenny acts like he has no idea what he has done wrong, despite having hit on or slept with one of his mate's new girlfriends.  (Apparently Spencer is not actually returning to the show - boo - but I've never let reality stop me from a wee joke.)

***When Louise cries. Again.

***When Jamie throws his metaphorical toys out of the pram due to a girl not immediately falling at his feet.

***When Lucy and Tiff have a strangely unemotional but apparently sisterly argument.

***When a character appears who you have never met before in the last however many series but everyone seems to know them and talks about them like you should know them too.

***When that character is immediately very annoying and has probably slept with at least one cast member already.

***Whenever Mark Francis and Victoria make horrid comments about anyone else in the show.
***When Ollie changes the current team he plays for.
***When Sam says or does something stupid.

Are you a "Made in Chelsea" fan? Can you think of any more to add to the game?

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