Friday, 15 April 2016


Okay, so it's time to get another instalment of "P Tries . . ." on the go - this time it's the turn of "The Body Coach" book!

So I've been aware for the Body Coach aka Joe Wicks for around a year now, since I started seeing his videos popping up on Instagram. In these videos he creates quick, healthy and delicious looking meals, which purport to only take 15 minutes to make. Of course I was intrigued by this as I feel like I spend a ridiculous amount of time in the kitchen! So when the book came out just after Christmas, I rubbed my overly full belly, sipped on my wine, and uploaded it to my Kindle, full of good intentions.

Thumbing through, I could see tons of recipes that I wanted to try out. First up, I would give the warning that they are pretty meat/fish heavy so this is probably not the book for you if you're a vegetarian. There are a couple of vegetarian-based recipes in there, but I don't think there's really enough to make it worth your while buying it. (You're welcome.)

So I continued to eat, drink and be merry until after the New Year hit, and then I knuckled down to the hard work of eating healthy. (I lasted about four days on that particular occasion). The first recipe I tried from the book was the cheesy chorizo chicken with spinach. Now, this recipe immediately jumped out at me because I love chorizo and I am probably one of the highest ranking members of the (imaginary) Mozzarella Lovers Club. So it's little wonder this was the first recipe I tried!

And it was simple enough - slice the chicken, dice the chorizo, fry in coconut oil, add seasoning, red onion, cheery tomatoes and spinach, and then add in the mozza and pine nuts. It was delicious . . . however, it took me some time to do the slice and dice jobs on the meat so it definitely took me longer than the fifteen minutes implied. However I'll admit it was worth that extra time!

Next up I tried the turkey meatballs with feta. Although I cheated a bit. The recipe actually used store-bought turkey meatballs, smothered in sauce with feta added on top. But I remembered seeing a recipe he'd created online where the meatballs were stuffed with the feta. So I did that instead, but with mozzarella because, Mozzarella Lovers Club, remember? So I made my own meatballs, stuffed with mozzarella, and then used his recipe for the sauce, which was very simple. I liked the meatballs best, although I would have preferred beef meatballs rather than turkey (I'm just not a massive fan of turkey mince); boyfriend preferred the sauce (He doesn't really like meatballs in general). We served it up with spaghetti and we ate it all, but I probably wouldn't make this again unless I was using beef or pork mince.

The third dinner we tried was the creamy steak and spinach. Once again, simple but delicious. To be honest, I'd actually intended on making the beef stroganoff recipe but I got confused between the two and didn't realised I'd bought the ingredients for the wrong recipe until I got home. Oh well, t'was a happy accident! Only six ingredients needed for this one - one was a splash of white wine, but because I was trying to be good I substituted it with white wine vinegar and I don't think it affected the meal negatively in any way. Steak, double cream, mushrooms, spinach and olive oil are all that's needed otherwise, plus from seasoning. Gorgeous.

And last but not least . . . if you struggle for lunches (and none of my lunch ideas here have helped!), I would recommend the recipe for tuna and courgette cakes. These are immense. All you need is tinned tuna, grated courgette, a bit of flour and egg. Form into patties and fry in coconut oil. Simples, right? Well, I found that mine stuck to the pan and I ended up having to bake them on the occasions I've tried them, but that seems to be just me, as my sister has made them and fried them without any issues. Either way, these are absolutely delicious - the tuna and courgette makes a fab combo and teamed up with a slight coconuttyness (is that even a word???) from the oil they make an excellent packed lunch. The recipe does me for two lunches when accompanied by some cherry tomatoes and avocado, although when I told my sister that she laughed and says she eats all of hers in one go. The fishcakes are also apparently freezable but personally I can't imagine ever having any to freeze!

Okay, downsides? As mentioned, most of the meals do not really take fifteen minutes, unless you are some sort of expert at chopping vegetables. (I am not). However, I don't think this will come as a surprise to most people. Secondly, as already mentioned, it's probably not an ideal recipe book for people who don't like and/or eat meat or fish.

And lastly, some of the portion sizes are rather big. It's worth bearing in mind that these recipes are created pretty much on the premise that you will be following the fitness guide also contained in the book (involving HIIT - or high intensity interval training) or probably some other hardcore type of workout. So if, like me, you are not doing this . . . perhaps have a wee look at the volume of ingredients and how many people the recipe is meant to serve beforehand and consider reducing the portion size slightly!

I probably know at least ten people just in my department at work (a big chunk of whom are in my team of ten) who have this book, so I imagine that anyone reading this knows several people too who already own it. In fact, now I've typed all of this post, I'm thinking "was there any point to this one? Is there anyone out there who doesn't already have this book?" I suppose, even if there isn't, maybe you haven't tried all of these recipes yet and this post might just help you to choose the next meal!

Do you have this book and have you tried it yet? If so, what were your favourite recipes?


  1. Ahh, I was going to say this wouldnt be great for veggies, though some of the meals do look delicious!

    I usually buy my veggies already chopped because I'm lazy. Ha.

    Corinne x

  2. I flicked through the book when I saw it in the shops and was mildly disappointed at the few veggie recipes. I wish someone would bring out a healthy eating veggie cook book already!
    The recipes do sound amazing tho and some of my friends seem obsessed haha xx


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