Sunday, 10 April 2016


As you probably know if you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, I love Scotland and regularly document some of the fab places I've travelled to in this gorgeous country. But there are so many places I have yet to see in real life. So, here I present to you . . . My "Scotland the Beautiful" wishlist!

1) Lewis and Harris
Did you know this is the third largest island in the British Isles, bested only by the United Kingdom and Ireland themselves? Well, now you do! I know quite a few people from the Outer Hebrides and have always been intrigued by Lewis and Harris. Plus the beaches look bloody incredible, like something that belongs abroad in far warmer climes.

2) Orkney
Orkney actually consists of seventy islands. SEVENTY! I've always wanted to go here, if I did go it would be the furthest north in the world I would ever have been.

3) Take the train all the way from Glasgow to Mallaig
I love long train journeys and I am desperate to go this train route. We've driven up to Mallaig before but when I have occasionally spotted the train weaving its way through Glencoe I've felt very jealous. I've been to see the Glenfinnan Viaduct but I want to be ON it (Not in an "Anchorman" type way I hasten to add.) But it's so expensive! Maybe if I win the lottery or something.

4) Arran
I feel like everyone has been to the island of Arran but me. I've wanted to visit for years - I don't know why I haven't! When I do go I'm sure I will be using my lovely friend Smidge's guide to what to do there.

5) Bute
Jeez, it's pretty much all bloomin' islands isn't it? I must have a thing for them, I guess.

6) Great Cumbrae
I nearly made it here once - we were in the queue for the car ferry over for ages. We didn't actually end up ON the ferry though. Long story.

7) Fairy pools
When we went to Skye last April (my post about that can be found here), I was especially keen to see the Fairy Pools. Unfortunately they were the one sight on my must-see list that went unseen by me. This was partly because of horrendous weather, and partly because the path down to them was being dug up. I want to go back to Skye at some point anyway, and when I do, I will be making certain that I get to see these!

8) Slate Islands
I only found out about this little set of islands a few weeks ago, when we ended up on one of them by accident! You can get onto one of them by bridge (which is how we got there without even realising at the time that we were on an island!) but I'd love to visit the other ones! They can be found near the lovely town of Oban.

9) Ardessie Falls
You know I love a good waterfall - we intended to check these ones out when we were doing the North Coast 500 last year, but time got away from us and we had to cancel. Next time for definite!

10) Mull
Yep, you guessed it - another island! I think I'm going to have to work out a way to try and do a few of these islands in one go, as I don't have time for all of these holidays! :-)

You can rest assured that when I make it to these places, I will share all about it here - in the meantime you can check out my other Scottish adventures here - and next up in the series will be next weekend's trip which will be taking in the Cairngorms. Can't wait!

Have I missed any places out? Where in Scotland is on your wishlist?

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  1. As a Scot I too always wanted to go to Lewis and Harris. They look stunning. Not exactly on the way to anywhere though. My sister managed to go a few years ago and her photos were amazing. ONE DAY.

    All the islands are fab I think. And I've driven right up the west coast and across the north coast and it's all lovely. The east I'm less keen on, but the west is gorgeous. Even the barren, crazy, wilderness in the middle of the north is beautiful in its own way.


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