Thursday, 7 April 2016


Life can be such good fun sometimes. But there are always tedious activities to bring us back down to reality. Here are some of mine . . .

  • Blow-drying hair. I find hair-drying one of the most boring things ever. I can't watch the tv while I do it because it's noisy - unless I use subtitles, and it's really difficult to multi-task by doing any other activity (I've discovered you can just about read a Kindle at the same time but it's hard to concentrate with the aforementioned noise.) Perhaps if I ended up with a headful of glossy bouncy locks once I'd finished I'd feel differently - but I never do. And I usually still have to straighten it anyway. Which, incidentally, is also supremely boring. Especially straightening the back of my hair. This is something I frequently give up on . . . (And yes, I know I could just let it dry naturally but 9 out of 10 times the finished look does not work for me and is worse than the half straightened, half curly do.)

  • And speaking of hair, dyeing my hair is also immensely tedious - especially knowing I have to blow-dry it afterwards. Mixing all the components of the dye together, trying to coat the roots, timing how long I've had it on the roots, spreading it over the rest of my hair, waiting again . . . and then it takes about three times the amount of time a normal hair-washing session does to take it out. Which leads me onto . . .

  • Showering. I've talked about this before so I won't go into it again. All I'll say is . . . it's a necessary evil (and, incidentally, the only real NECESSARY activity on my boring activity list!) but I try to get my showers over as quickly as possible.

  • Chopping vegetables. Don't get me wrong, I've grown to love cooking. But I really REALLY can't be bothered with the standing around chopping up vegetables for whatever delectable delight I am cooking on any particular night. I'm starting to embrace frozen vegetables as a result. (Not literally, mind - frozen veg is too cold to hug for long.)

  • Making risotto. I heart risotto very much, and have even found a recipe for it that I've tried several times and love. But it drives me mad having to stand and keep a constant watch on it . . . and keep stirring. As I've said before on Twitter, it's enough to give you RSI - Risotto Stirring Injury.

  • Queuing . . . for pretty much anything. Particularly in theme parks where you essentially spend entire days at a time queuing for a fraction of the time on an exciting attraction. Is it really worth it? "Yay, I'm finally on that ride I've been queuing for an hour and a half for! Oh, it's over. What's next? ANOTHER QUEUE!!!" (insert incredibly sarcastic "yay" here.)

And don't even get me started on housework. Because I've already covered that one too . . .

What life activities bore you?


  1. Oh my God, ALL OF THESE. Well, I haven't attempted a risotto yet although I'd love to but this puts me off a bit. I do have a box mix for one in the cupboard as I'm a lazy risottist. :) I hate showers too. I mean I have them because I like to tolerate myself in a small room, but yeah, I don't get people's attraction to them AT ALL. I'm in, lathered up, rinsed and out fast as possible. And I also hate hair drying. OH MY GOD it's so boring. On a hair wash day I wake up, remember it's a hair wash day and groan loudly.

    I hate grocery shopping and I will do anything to avoid it until I have nothing but a fridge full of condiments. Ugh.

  2. I don't find drying my hair too bad (then again I have basically no hair even when it's long, so it takes me so little time!). I find showering after exercise the biggest bore. I love my morning showers because they wake me up but I hate exercising knowing I'll have to wash haha
    Risotto too, ughhhh, such a process. Once I've started I don't mind too much, I can find it quite relaxing but trying to get started.... Yeah, no.

  3. Haha omg I can agree with hair drying ... I never bother I just leave it to dry naturally ha! Also ... I love a good shower ... It's washing my hair that I cannot stand! It's such a chore ! Love this post!


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