Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Recently I had to start hunting for new blogs, as I realised that the majority of the bloggers I've followed regularly over my last eight years in the blogosphere (are we still calling it that? Were we ever calling it that or did I just imagine the whole thing?) have dropped away and I had a bloglovin list full of blogs that no longer have new posts or are even active!

Slowly but surely, I've built my list of blog reads up and there are some I will dip into every so often if a post posts up in BL that catches my eye . . . but there are some blogs that always excite me when I notice there is a new post up, whether I'm necessarily interested in the subject or not.

So what makes me feel that way about your blog? Let me fill you in . . .

Mix it up a bit!
When I see a blogger I like has a new post up, I like to be surprised. I like a mixture of posts - reviews, travel, opinion pieces, blogger tips.  I don't mind a blog with a niche, don't get me wrong, especially if it's done well . . . but I definitely prefer a bit of variety in my reading!

Draw me in with your looks
If your blog looks pretty I am going to be drawn to it like a moth to a beautiful flame. I am very envious of attractive looking websites as my knowledge of html is about as good as my knowledge of high school chemistry - which I failed.  (insert embarrassed face here) If you have a good camera and know how to use it I am going to be even more hooked.

Make me laugh
I tend to read blogs predominantly on weeknights after a long day at work, so if your blog has a history of cheering me up and making me laugh, I am going to keep on returning to it.

Commenting is easy
I love commenting on blogs, especially when I've really enjoyed a post - but it's not always easy to do so, especially if I've been passing away some time on my phone reading blog posts while waiting for something. I often type my comment and when I try to post it I get an error message or it just hangs there for ages and I've no idea if it's posted or not. If I want to comment and can't it just makes me frustrated so  if your comment process is easy I'll keep coming back . . . and commenting!

I want to be your friend
If you are relatable and seem like good fun and I read your blog (and other social media) and want to be your friend, I am always going to keep coming back to visit. And hopefully comment enough that you will eventually give in and be my friend. And that didn't sound creepy or stalkerish at all. . .

So if I regularly pop up on your blog, you can be assured that at least one, if not all, of the above apply to you. ;-) You're welcome!

What do you look for in a blog?


  1. I totally agree with the commenting thing, there are a few blogs out there where it's difficult to comment on something.
    I like something that's easy to read, for example the right colours and right size text.
    I'm also drawn to a blog if I think, I'd like my blog to look like that. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the way my blog looks but if I want to steal it then I'm drawn to it (by the way I'd never steal someone's blog style/content in case anyone was wondering).

  2. This is such an interesting article actually! It's always nice to know what other bloggers like about other bloggers' blogs (if that makes sense! :D ). I agree about a blog's appearance though. If I get real blog envy over someone, I know I just HAVE to keep coming back and checking up on what they've been posting!


  3. I struggle with commenting on blogs from my phone too. I realised the other day that I follow a lot of beauty blogs when in fact I am not totally into beauty, its just when I first started reading blogs it was mainly beauty based. My favourite now are budget bloggers

  4. Kind of the same. I've been away for a while from the "blogoverse" (C) me, but I miss the circle of blog peeps I always had and it was always fun to get to know people and their lives. I drifted away a bit as there were less and less people I knew posting, and real life stuff was getting in the way blah blah. It was kind of cool to come back and see a familiar face out there (you!) I wish it would take off again. Everyone's all Instagram and FB nowadays. Attention spans have dipped I guess. Sad!

  5. I so often have the same commenting issues! So frustrating! And it's so refreshing to hear someone say they like a blog to mix it up a bit. I always have a slight worry mines too much of a mish mash and so many people say blogs with too much variety are too confusing. But I agree with you. Variety is the spice of life. Love your posts! How do you keep coming up with new content? Always interested!

  6. Good question Jaki . . . I think you may just have inspired a new post about content ideas actually. ;-)


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