Friday, 11 March 2016


Now, if you have been reading my blog for a while, or even if you have just found me through Twitter or Instagram, you might have a glimmer of an idea that I love waterfalls. Anytime me and the fella head anywhere on our travels, we check out whether or not there is a nearby waterfall we can visit. The easier it is to reach from wherever we are, the better.

Falls of Foyers ticks a lot of boxes. You can go a long walk if you want but . . .  the waterfalls themselves are easily accessible. Okay, you have to walk down quite a few steps, which means - you guessed it - quite a few steps back up but . . . think of the workout! You'll definitely deserve a vino or two afterwards.

You can't take him anywhere...

The River Foyers feeds into Loch Ness, and the waterfalls are located not too far away from the city of Inverness itself. We first found it when we were staying nearby to it for the Loch Ness marathon in 2014, and we ended up returning last year. In terms of waterfalls, they're pretty bloody beautiful!

If you happen to end up in the area, I would recommend a little visit to the Falls of Foyers. It's definitely one of Scotland's wee gems.

More information on the falls can be found here and also here.

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