Friday, 5 February 2016


Small girl, bigger problems . . .

  • Gigs.  There's no point trying to get up in the front. I'll get crushed and I hate THAT many people being too close to me. So instead I have to stand back a bit... and it's only a matter of time before the tallest person in the place stands right in front of me and completely blocks my view. To be fair though, even a person of average height directly in front of me is going to completely block my view...

  • Reaching things that are high up. To be honest, this is okay most of the time. I can usually just about reach the top shelf in the supermarket... as long as whatever I'm reaching for is at the front of the shelf. If it's at the back of the shelf then I'm a goner. But as long as the wine I like is easily reachable then I can make my peace with this one I suppose...

  • Trousers being too long for me. Or short. I seem to be the perfect in between height between an average trouser leg length and a petite one. Thank goodness for dresses and skirts!

  • Not being good in heels. High heels are of course the ideal way to add height. But I struggle to walk in most of them, and they HURT! So I reserve them mainly for special occasions. And then pretty much everyone is wearing high heels anyway . . . so it's not like I'm actually gaining an advantage!

  • Trying to get up (or down) from high stools. Like climbing frames. For adults. And the opposite of fun.

  • Being height-shamed. So I tell people I'm 5'3" and I think I might be rounding up a tad to make myself feel a tiny bit taller than I actually am. People calling me on that little (pun intended) white lie makes me feel very stabby. Do it at your peril.

  • Feeling like a giant. Feeling small compared to others 85% of the time should make me happy when I'm around people smaller than me, right? I should enjoy being taller - but weirdly I suddenly feel like I'm towering over the person I'm with. The grass is always greener I suppose . . .


  1. Oh I have the same problem with trousers too!

  2. I used to be able to find jeans that fit but alas, that time has come and gone. I haven't been able to find jeans that aren't too long in several years now and it annoys me.

    I've never been able to walk in heels. As pretty as they are, they do hurt most of the time.


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