Monday, 15 February 2016


I've never really been a morning person. I'm one of those people who only properly seems to wake up at about seven pm in the evening and find it almost impossible to wind back down. I'm quite definitely a night owl . . .  and if, like me, you are not a morning person, you might identify with some of these issues . . .

Mmmmm.... bed!!!!

The snooze button. Oh that tempting minx, giving us the promise of that extra five minutes or so of sleep . . . and we can hit it as many times as we like. But does the snooze button really help? Do you actually feel more rested after you've pressed that snooze button ten times and finally crawled out of bed an hour and a half later than planned? Probably not...

Meetings arranged before 9.30am. Why? Just . . . why?

Small talk before 9.30am. And not because you're in a meeting. (I have been known to take an alternative route to work if walking just to avoid running into anyone I know and having to start making conversation too early.)

External noise while you are still trying to sleep. Birds who think it's okay to start chirping the second a chink of daylight appears. Overly sensitive car alarms that go off the second a tiny breeze wafts past. Absolute arseholes who randomly press the buzzer to your flat, usually just as they walk up your street. Noises that probably have kicked in just as you've finally managed to fall into a half-decent sleep.

No caffeine. Don't even dare JOKE about this! There had better be caffeine. Caffeine is the only answer.

No breakfast. No long, leisurely breakfast for you - you have calculated exactly how long you need to the minute between finally getting out of bed and having to leave the house without being late. The only way you're getting a breakfast is if you were clever enough to make something up the night before, or you're planning to be really bad and swing by Mickey Ds for a hash brown or twenty. See also: no lunches. Same reason as above.

Transport woes. Whether you're walking, driving or taking public transport, there will be people put in your way seemingly just to try you. Learner driver pulling out slowly in front of you when you're already late for that 9.30 meeting, someone having a loud conversation on their phone (AND IN YOUR EAR) on the train, groups of people taking up the whole pavement and walking slowly so you can't overtake without risking your life walking on the road . . . they all seem to come out of the woodwork in the morning.

Weekends can be a write-off. You're so busy recovering from your "early starts" during the week and need to catch up on your sleep . . . so it's difficult to actually get out of bed and enjoy the weekend. THEN you're tired for the rest of the week due to oversleeping.  Talk about a Catch-22 situation...

Any other issues that only people who are NOT morning people might understand?


  1. I really don't feel any better after pushing the snooze button a time or ten. And yet, I continue to do it anyway!

    I'm smart enough to pack breakfast and lunch the night before. Breakfast is a sandwich eaten on the drive to work. I used to be able to skip lunch and breakfast, not anymore. I rarely eat dinner though. Mostly because everything makes me bloated.

    I live less than a half mile from a train track. Somehow I almost never hear it during the day. I always seem to hear it at night and it's even woken me up a few times. The worst is when I'm oh so close to sleep and am exhausted, and then a train has to blow it's horn.

  2. All of these for sure....although I don't think I'm a night owl either because by the time I get home, I'm tired all over again. I think I'm an 11am person, or if I haven't been at work then about an 8pm person.

    Any earlier that 9am or later than 9pm and I'm basically useless :(

  3. PS. If you have the option to, please allow for more commenting options on your blog! OpenID is being awful and doesn't let people sign in :( and I don't really want to use my Google Account!

  4. Sprinkles - I can be quite good at making breakfast/lunch the night before too but all bets are off if I forget! ;-)

    PJB - Thanks for pointing that out about the comments - I limited it originally to stop spam but once I put comment moderation on I should have remembered to unlimit the options!

  5. I'm not a morning person at all, but i do try to get up and do some form of excerise before work. It takes all my will but i feel more awake when i get to the office for it.

    Elaine | Some Of My Favourite Things

  6. I'd love to be able to force myself to do exercise in the morning... But it very rarely happens.x


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