Sunday, 7 February 2016


Dates are fun, eh?

Well, actually, I have never been too good at the whole dating thing . . . or I wasn't when I was single anyway. I hated eating in front of guys and my ideal date was just going to the pub and drinking enough wine so I could feel comfortable and not remotely awkward.

But anyway . . . these days I enjoy a good wee date. But it's fun to mix it up a bit. I've never been a massive cinema fan (the last time I went to see a film was May 2014) and I've never really understood it as a date setting . . . BECAUSE YOU CAN'T SPEAK!!! Well, unless you want to be that annoying couple who ruin everyone else's cinema experience by talking all the way through it.  But here are some other ideas for you which I thoroughly approve of!

 Dinner date - Yeah yeah, I know it's an obvious one. But there are so many decent deals out there these days, through booking sites and voucher sites like groupon, or itison. And you can mix it up - it doesn't necessarily have to be a straightforward meal. How about an afternoon tea, cheeseboard or . . . if you could find somewhere that does fondue, whether that is of the cheese or chocolate variety . . . wouldn't that be fun? That is the ultimate sharing meal!

Bowling - I love ten-pin bowling. Nothing like a wee bit of healthy competition. Oh, and you can accompany it with booze if wanted. (Wee tip: if you register online with your local ten pin alley, you might get emailed offers/money off - I know bowling isn't the cheapest option when it comes to dating!)

Pub crawl - A pub crawl can be a great laugh. If you can be bothered moving pubs. It's a good way to do to take in a good wee variety of different bars in a certain area rather than just sticking to your usual haunts.  If you are, like me, in the Glasgow area, see my post here for some inspiration of where you could go for a pub crawl. Otherwise, you're on your own . . . but I have faith in you, reader, I'm sure you can work it out!

Pool - See the bowling suggestion re: healthy competition. The fella has now got membership at a snooker/pool club at the centre of Glasgow which means we can book a pool table for however long we want and just play - while once again having a couple of drinks if we wish. Okay . . . so I tend to lose . . . but it's still fun in the meantime!

Walk - go for a big walk somewhere. There are so many pretty walks, waterfalls, peninsulas, places to be explored. Go do it together. And if you are in Scotland or nearby, my Scotland the Beautiful series will give you LOADS of suggestions. AND . . . if you do go a big walk . . . you're totally justified to eat and drink your body weight in junk afterwards if you want!

Movie night - I know, I know . . . I said that the cinema wasn't ideal date fodder. But how about you have a movie night in, you each choose a movie you want the other to watch (so "Die Hard" would once have been his choice and "Clueless" would have been mine, for example), get in the junk food and wine, and curl up on the sofa to enjoy . . . and the best bit is if you want to chat (or pee!) mid-film you have the power to pause the film!

Barbeque for two - best saved for the warmer months (I know it's rare in Scotland, mind) but a wee barbeque in the garden accompanied by a wee bit of music and sunshine is pretty damn good.

Random trip - Last of all . . .  how about a wee trip to a castle (see the Scotland the Beautiful series again) or the zoo, an amusement arcade, theme park or, if you are in the vicinity, me and the fella went for a lovely trip to the Scottish Owl Centre (he got me it as a present) . . . When you think about it actually the possibilities are endless!

Any other ideas?

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