Wednesday, 17 February 2016


The struggle is real, people.

1) You will get that text. You know the text I mean. The one from Domino's offering you pizza for half of the usual extortionate price. Trying to lure you in like an evil cheese-topped greasy temptress. Despite you constantly opting out of receiving any texts or emails from them for that precise reason, they somehow always turn up on your phone the second you've resolved to only let protein and complex carbs pass your lips.

2) The gym will close. This has genuinely happened to me on more than one occasion. I finally make my return to the gym, start to get into a modicum of routine . . . and then I get a text from the gym to tell me it's closing for a few days to get done up or get new machines put in or something ridiculous like that. Then I am so pissed off with it that I'll boycott it...

3) The weather will be shit. I don't know about you, but bad weather is guaranteed to make me crave comfort food and curling up under a duvet on the couch with wine and chocolate. Oh, and that cheap pizza that Domino's has just text me about . . .

4) You'll suddenly receive more invites than Paris Hilton did when she was a "thing". Suddenly all the old friends come out of the woodwork wanting to meet out and hang out; your phone is full of texts inviting you out for dinner and drinks. (One time, not a word of a lie, I got like five or six invites for the same day the day after starting a new diet. And they were all for a WEDNESDAY) You can't turn them down surely, you have to say yes. It would literally be rude not to.

5) Speaking of going out, you'll suddenly remember that the groupon deal you bought three months ago is about to expire and you need to use it before the end of the week. And it will never be a health or fitness related deal . . .

6) People will bring cakes to the office. And they will be your favourite. Resistance is futile.

Any more?


  1. Something will happen at work or in life and you will not want to, for the love of God, cook. So you get something else... not anything healthy because that would be too sensible.

  2. Also, don’t forget PMS or getting a cold leaving you only craving ice cream and anything salty. Ah. Life.

  3. Yes, can't forget about PMS - those are my initials after all! ;-)

  4. Bloody dominos! Trying to ruin our lives. I'm finding exercise makes me SO hungry at the moment, so I'm trying to be healthy but then I get home and eat everything in sight! Xx


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