Thursday, 21 January 2016


Ah, the show "Friends" - man, I miss that show. I've documented my love of it on here before, and can bring it into practically any conversation I have ever had in my life - although I do sometimes try to restrain from actually doing that!

                            A wee bonus blooper video for you all, just cos I love you. ;-)

Like most tv shows or films though, there are many completely unrealistic factors to it . . . so I've decided to make up a very tongue-in-cheek list. So I present to you below the eleven things I've learned from "Friends" . . .

1) It's totally okay to just walk into any workplace your friend or partner is working in - never mind security, forget work passes or secure doors . . . the friends would just randomly wander into the offices of Bloomingdales, or let each other use the photocopier in Ralph Lauren. You can even just pop up on the set of a famous soap opera if you want, just because yer pal is a soap star. It's all fine! (As Ross would say!)

2) If a guy says he can get you your dream job in Bloomingdales if he gets your number, he'll totally get you your dream job in Bloomingdales! It's not a line, it can really happen. He's not trying to get into your pants. (Well, not at first anyway . . .)

3) Having trouble finding a flat to live in? Just turn up at the coffee shop of a long lost friend wearing a wedding dress while having a panic attack. You'll be moved in within hours!

4) Getting a date is the easiest thing in the world. You literally just need to walk outside of your apartment and guys/girls/whatever your preference will just fall at your feet begging for dates. Although, maybe that really is a New York thing...

5) It is entirely possible to decide to move in with your partner, find a flat, move in that night and change your mind by the following morning. Well, Phoebe and Gary managed it anyway.

6) You can get ridiculously far into an airport without a valid ticket . . . oh, and buying the cheapest last minute ticket you can without any luggage doesn't seem to raise any suspicion at all.

7) Oh, and speaking of airports, you can also just use someone else's ticket to go to Greece at the last minute. Apparently.

8) It's completely appropriate to turn up at a dying woman's apartment and befriend her just because you want aforementioned apartment for your friend.  Of course it is - that's how I'm planning to get my next flat as a matter of fact . . .

9) It's totally okay to ride around in your friend's fella's police car, just for shits and giggles. Enough said.

10) You can be a right bitch all the time and not get punched in the face. Phoebe proves that.

11) Peeing on someone who has been stung by a jellyfish will calm down the pain. Oh wait... that one is actually true. :-/

Have you learned anything from "Friends"?


  1. Anything (and I mean *anything*) can be moved if you shout "PIVOT! PIVOT! PIVOT!"

  2. I'm a massive fan.... must have seen every episode 50 times, and was almost the same age as they were, so I sort of grew up/into my 20s and 30s with them :-)
    I've learnt... that no matter what time you rock up at your favourite coffee bar, you'll always get the best couch with space for all your friends :-)


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