Sunday, 27 December 2015


So 2015 is nearly over... so it's obviously time to think of what resolutions we can set ourselves and probably ultimately break within a matter of days into 2016.  Here are mine . . .

1) Cook more.
I've done pretty well this year (I think I have pretty much nailed my chilli recipe now), but I still am terrified of recipes with more than about ten ingredients. I want to step out of my cooking comfort zone and find some new recipes that I can try and then perfect. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

2) Exercise more.
This year has been pretty rubbish for me in terms of exercise but I need to start fitting it into my life more. I joined an online gym at the end of last year and kept up the workouts for most of January but then I just slipped back into my lazy ways. This year I am going to do my best to keep it up, and aim to get a workout in at least three times a week, as well as my pole fitness class, and start to walk more again. I might document my progress here as maybe that will hold me accountable. We'll see  . . .

3) See even more of Scotland.
You'll know from my Scotland the Beautiful posts that me and the fella love travelling around Scotland. There's still so much I want to see though - so many islands for a start! I'd like to visit at least another few islands next year, after falling in love with Skye earlier on this year. I wouldn't mind going back and revisiting the North Coast 500 either, which we drove in its entirety this year - there were some places we missed that I would like to see, and I'd love to go back to Ullapool as it was so pretty. First up though will be a trip to Tarbert (I got the fella a deal for Christmas) and also a trip on the Strathspey Railway up in Aviemore (the fella got me a deal for Christmas). I'll keep you updated via the Scotland the Beautiful posts though!

4) Blog more
Speaking of blogging, I want to get back to more regular posting. I have a list I regularly add to of blog ideas on an app on my phone - I need to actually start expanding on the list and actually writing the posts! Even if I can try and blog a minimum of once a week that would be a good thing to aim for. I don't want you all to forget about me after all.

5) Save some money
I'm 36 years old ffs... this is the year I need to pay off the credit card I stupidly got in 2014 and actually have some semblance of savings so that I'm not relying on my overdraft or aforementioned credit card every time I want to get away on a holiday. I've got some plans to sell a lot of my dvds, cds and dresses that I've never worn that don't fit so hopefully that will be a way to build up a little savings buffer... and then I need to start trying to put a bit away on a monthly basis.

I don't think these are entirely unrealistic resolutions... Hoping I can stick to a couple of them if not all anyway! Wish me luck. :-)

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