Friday, 13 November 2015


I absolutely love the Time Tunnel on Heart FM. As it's on at 9am and 2pm I don't tend to get to listen much during the week (unless we're running late for work) but on a Saturday I always try to make sure we've managed to get up and at 'em by 2pm so we're in the car for it playing as we head off on one of our "Scotland the Beautiful" road trips!

So, for those not in the know, Time Tunnel plays songs from a particular year for half an hour and you have to guess what year it is. I'm generally pretty good at it, as long as it's late eighties onwards. As I was only (ONLY!) born in 1979 the early to mid eighties are a bit blurrier for me.

But it's weird how the mind works. You hear a song and then it will tie back to one of your memories and that in turn reminds you of what year it was. With that one song you are taken back to your schooldays, uni days, a first kiss, the way you felt after a certain break-up . . . music is such a powerful thing, isn't it?

My favourite Time Tunnel trips are usually when a year from the 1990s is used . . . I still really love the music from that era and the nineties spanned the end of my primary school years, all of my high school years and the first few years of uni, so there are many memories from those years.

There was quite a surreal moment the other week on there though. They were playing a Time Tunnel that was clearly early eighties - I couldn't pinpoint the exact year but there was no doubt about it being early eighties. So this dude phoned in and guessed it was the year 2000.... because it reminded him of his school days?!? Me and the fella were thoroughly confused - he then proceeded to keep the DJ on the line to ask if the Forth Road Bridge was closed.

All very odd. But I digress.

What was your favourite year(s) for music?

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