Thursday, 29 October 2015


It's time to tell you the story of The Joker.

The Joker has proved to be very lucky... for me anyway. Back in December last year, a mere couple of days before Christmas, I won the Joker, much to my amazement and delight. Then, five months later, I had barely arrived in Corfu for my holiday when I got a phone call to tell me that I'd won The Joker again.

The Joker has been good to me.

Because of it, I won more than 1400 pounds in less than six months. So I can hardly speak ill of it!

But what is it?

It's a fancier version of a raffle, to put it basically.

So you get a group of people together. Say, in my case, your department at work. Or perhaps you are part of a sports club. Or some other sort of group. Buy some raffle tickets and a pack of playing cards. Remove a joker from the pack so that only one remains. And once a week, at a set time, sell the raffle tickets a pound a pop. People who are "in" on the game, can buy as many raffle tickets as they like. The more you buy, the more odds you have of getting your name pulled out that week.

Later that day, have a time set aside for doing the draw. Pick a name out of the hat. (Or, in my work's case, a DHL flyer bag.) The person who is picked then chooses a card blindly. You could have the cards laid out face down. Or you could just get the person to cut the pack and then turn a card over.

If the person picks the joker, they win all of the money. If they don't, the money rolls over to the next week and the raffle starts again.

If they pick an ace, they get a tenner... but in my work an ace has actually picked less times than the one Joker. Weird eh?

Once someone picks the joker, they win ALL OF THE MONEY!

And that's happened to me twice. In a row (the second time I was picked out, I obviously was not there, so someone picked the card on my behalf, in case you're wondering. I'm sure I couldn't have been that lucky myself twice!) . So I've been sitting it out since then so I can give someone else a chance... and I just want someone to win so I can get another shot at it!

The Joker is not my idea, or the idea of anyone I work with. I've had a look around the internet and it seems the Joker is quite a popular competition.

I'd recommend it.

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