Wednesday, 2 September 2015


You know what I hate? When I have to walk for miles to see something interesting. I mean, I'll do it if I have to but sometimes it's nice to just find a little treasure at the side of the road as you're driving along.

The remains of the castle are on a peninsula on the edge of Loch Assynt. - when tides are high it can be cut off from the main land
On our North Coast 500 adventure, we headed North from Ullapool, passing another pretty beach on the way . . . Ardmair Beach.

A short drive later, we happened across the castle.

Or what's left of it.

Thought to be over 500 years old, not much remains of the original castle
 I have to admit, I prefer a ruined castle to its less ruined counterparts. A castle that ISN'T in ruin is really just a fancy house as far as I'm concerned. I like ones with nooks and crannies that aren't immediately obvious and ones you can climb around if you like.

As you can see, the fella enjoyed climbing around on it...


The castle ruins are thought to have two different ghosts. This is one of them... just kidding - that's just me!

And then it got better.... because there was a waterfall just across the road. Also within a very short walking distance! A bonus waterfall is always an awesome thing!

If you are driving around the North Coast 500 you can't really miss this . . . literally! Since it is on the side of the road. ;-)
Thank you to the lovely fella for providing some most of the pictures for this post!

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