Thursday, 10 September 2015


Ah, the pub crawl... it always sounds like such a laugh doesn't it? Trying out loads of different pubs, seeing lots of different faces, gradually snaking through a specific area getting progressively drunker with each pub... always great in theory, right?

Except I'm rubbish at them.

If I've spent twenty minutes trying to secure that table with the comfy sofas in the corner of the pub, I'm hardly going to want to leave after one or two drinks, am I? Maybe the drinks are cheap too, or it's easy to get served at the bar. Or perhaps I've only just worked out where the bathrooms are, and don't really want to go through that whole rigmarole again in a different establishment an hour later.  Or perhaps I've chosen to wear stupidly high heels and literally can't face another walk until closing time.

When me and the fella first got together and were looking for ideas for dates, I suggested a pub crawl in the Finnieston area of the city. The plan was to take in many bars in one Friday night. In reality we had four drinks in the first pub because it was relatively quiet and we had a lovely seat. We finally decided to move on, reluctantly, walked into a really busy pub... and a seat became empty. So of course we sat in it and ended up staying there for the rest of the night because... well, it had to be a sign that we weren't meant to move on any further, right?

We decided to make it a pub crawl over a couple of weeks instead (yes, I know that's not really a thing, but humour me, 'kay?) - the following week, full of good intentions, we made it to another two pubs, the week after just one more... a couple of weeks later we made it to the next one in the crawl order...

I think, nearly two years down the line, we're still only about halfway through the Finnieston pub crawl. So I think you can all agree that we're both rubbish at pub crawls.

If you can be bothered though, and are in the Glasgow area, I'm going to suggest a couple of potential pub crawls for you . . .

FINNIESTON - obviously, this has many good pubs but you may find, like me, that it's hard to leave some of the pubs. There's old school pubs, trendy bars and tons of nice places to eat... as well as many a chippy to get some stodge down you!

BATH STREET - probably your slightly higher-brow end of the Glasgow pub crawl scene, Bath Street has a veritable shitload of bars for your drinking pleasure. Just watch if you're wearing heels and/or drunk... a lot of the bars are basement bars with steep steps so you might find yourself nursing many bruises along with your hangover.

BYRES ROAD - tons of bars in Byres Road in the west end . . . and you can throw in the trendy Ashton Lane bars for good measure. Plus it's handy for the subway. Which neatly leads me onto . . .

THE SUBCRAWL - get on the clockwork orange (our subway system) and get off at every stop, having a drink at the nearest bar before hopping back on and heading to the next station. Simple! It's a good way to see all the different areas of the city (this may be a debatable good point) but with fifteen stops to take in, be sure to take your poison wisely. I'm not even sure that *I* could manage fifteen glasses of vino blanco!

How's YOUR pubcrawling? And where's your favourite place to have one?

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