Friday, 28 August 2015


I do love a nice beach. Especially in the sunshine. They make me think of being abroad. But let's not forget that Scotland has some fantastic beaches too, ones to rival ones in more foreign climes, despite our slightly worse weather. And, although I hear the best ones are meant to be in the Hebrides, I'd also heard there were a few gorgeous ones dotted near to the North Coast 500 route.

You might have to go SLIGHTLY off the route at times... but trust me, they're worth it.

First up, we visited Redpoint Beach, which lay between Applecross and Ullapool. It was pretty, prettier than most of your bog-standard beaches. It had a nice "glow" to it. Watch out - there's a wee bit of a walk over the dunes to get to it. Although walking in sand is definitely good for the thighs.

The fact the weather was absolutely bee-yootiful (especially for Scotland!) obviously helped, but... look how gorgeous the beach is. I couldn't resist having a wee paddle in the water. The boyfriend refrained, the big chicken.

Heading north, closer to our Ullapool destination for the night, we happened upon the Mellon Udrigle (I know - bit of a mouthful, eh?) beach and here we encountered one of those actual heavenly exotic island type beaches... It was so beautiful I just couldn't believe I was standing on it!


It's safe to say I fell in love with that beach. At that point I was sort of wishing I'd forgone that pint large glass of vino blanco at the Applecross Inn earlier for an hour on THIS beach in the blazing sunshine... but time was pressing on and we had a hotel to get to.

Of course the weather couldn't last and as we pressed further North from Ullapool the following day, it had definitely turned. But apparently, you can still find beautiful beaches, even if the weather has decided to be utter pants.

And then we reached Clachtoll Beach. Wow.

Lovely! The little dog on the beach was very cute too.

But forget the dogs... there, on the next beach over, was a COW!!!

It has the whole beach to itself, ffs! WHAT A COW!!! (baboomTISH.)

I wonder what this beach would look like if the weather was actually good!
So if you DO decide to do the North Coast 500 route, I would definitely recommend trying to get to at least one of these beaches. And fingers crossed the weather holds out for you! It's Scotland though, so don't count on that...

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