Monday, 3 August 2015


This weekend the boyfriend was doing the half marathon in Dunoon so we decided to stay out there for the weekend. You can get the ferry over, it's quicker, but we decided to drive around to it... the weather was crap which was a shame because otherwise the views would be fantastic. The drive takes in  a bit of the gorgeous Rest and Be Thankful road, before splitting off onto the Dunoon road and heading back south.

The weather continued to be a bit rubbish into the evening but started to brighten up as the sun was going down . . . typical. It resulted in some pretty sky looking back to the "mainland" though. (A lot of people don't realise Dunoon isn't on an island, because they just assume the ferry is the only way over.)

It cleared up for about five minutes the next day...

The following day the weather was also changeable so after both getting caught in heavy showers during the race (me waiting at the end while the boyfriend was doing the running), and meeting up with a couple of friends for lunch (we went back to the same place we went for dinner the night before, an Italian restaurant called Rio's. Highly recommended - tasty food and very reasonably priced!), we decided just to chill out in Dunoon and . . . well, get drunk! It had a nice share of watering holes so we did a mini pub crawl before heading back to our hotel and chilling out with some more wine.

After checking out on the Sunday, we made it our business to explore the rest of the peninsula! Driving back up the coast, we found the road to Portavadie and started driving south again. The road randomly changed backwards and forwards between single track with passing places and standard roads, twisted and turned, ascended and descended in amongst hills, trees and pretty bodies of water.

It was so peaceful too! Which is perhaps the reason why this area is referred to as "Scotland's Secret Coast". (Hopefully I'm not ruining the secret.)

Tighnabruaich Viewpoint - the picture does not do the view justice!
 Tighnabruich Viewpoint was a particular highlight - you can see the Isle of Bute from here, as it's comfortably nestled underneath the bends in the peninsula! It was a popular spot too - despite the peaceful vibe all around, there were still others there when we were trying to take our pictures... and you could tell everyone was mesmerised by the view.

We headed down to the town of Tighnabruaich itself, which was host to a wide selection of scarecrows (a surfboarding one, a snorkelling one and a pirate among others!) and then onwards to Portadvadie. There wasn't much there apart from an amazing looking resort, which I am DYING to stay in! But there was a lot of boats! And a pretty view.

Portadvadie Marina - you can get the ferry to Tarbert on the Kintyre peninsula from here... another recommended peninsula! (I'll post about it very soon!)

One of the many cute little beaches!

If you want some fabulous views and pretty beaches, and not see too many people, I would recommend a wee trip around the Cowal Peninsula. It's not even that far from Glasgow or even Edinburgh so you could just make a day of it.

Oh, and if you do go . . . don't forget to check out Puck's Glen, which I blogged about last year and is just north of Dunoon. ;-)

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