Wednesday, 12 August 2015


I mentioned a couple of months ago that we spent two nights in a caravan near Banff in Aberdeenshire back in mid-May. I've not been up North very often so it was good to explore a different part of Scotland once again. There was a lot to see and do though and I'm sure we will definitely be going back there at some point to continue our exploration!

Who would have thought TOWIE was actually set in Northern Scotland?!? ;-)

The sunsets were immense for a start. Both nights, despite questionable (but quintessentially Scottish!) weather for most of our stay, the sun came out just in time to go down in style...

The coastline was both pretty and dramatic!

The towns were cute and picturesque. Above is the town of Cullen and its viaduct.

Below is the tiny little village of Crovie. It's just a single row of houses and hard to access by car.


And there's the Scottish Dolphin Centre at Spey Bay.  If you're lucky you might just see a dolphin in the water. Sadly we didn't, although the area was still pretty!


 If you make it back east as far as Fraserburgh, there's a nice beach . . . and a Wetherspoons Hotel! We didn't stay there (we did stay in one in Broughty Ferry this year which was very nice!) but we did enjoy a drink there, as well as some chips and cheese from one of the chippies. Shame the rain barely let up!

Fraserburgh Beach... and a lot of birds!

And yet another beautiful sunset!
 If you have never headed up to the coast in the North East of Scotland, I would recommend it.  I'd also recommend checking out the caravan park we stayed at - awesome views, reasonable deals and very peaceful if you want a complete break from lots of people. Hopefully you'll get better weather than we did though. ;-)

Next up this coming weekend we are going to drive the North Coast 500 in its entirety in four days. . . so watch this space for more Scotland the Beautiful updates after this is complete. I imagine you might get absolutely sick of STB posts if you aren't already... Sorry!

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  1. I'm pretty sure I abseiled off that viaduct (or if not that exact one one very nearby) x


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