Friday, 21 August 2015


So I've been blonde pretty much constantly since about the age of 15. I've never really been tempted to go back to the dark side - I dabble with different shades of blonde, have played about with (pretty subtle) dark blonde to light blonde ombres and do very occasionally think of going flaming red. But I've played it pretty safe.

However, I've always had a wee notion to go pink. Maybe it's because I loved the cartoon Jem as a kid (anyone else remember Jem?). And I've used hair chalk before but it takes so long to actually put it on in any sort of intensity. So when I saw Bleach London had temporary dyes in pretty pastel colours such as pink and lilac, I decided to give the pink one a go. It was only a fiver so it wasn't breaking the bank and seemed easy enough to do.

It wasn't too much of a success at first. I did as the instructions said and put on shampoo'd and towel-dried hair, left for slightly longer than the recommended time, and could see not much difference at all. I was going for a pink ombre look as I'm not brave but the only thing that seemed to happen was that my ends looked lighter? I asked for advice from Twitter and Instagram - a couple of people suggested it might be because it was meant for really blonde/dyed blonde hair but the ends of my hair are REALLY blonde so I figured the colour should really take.

I finally got it to work better this morning on my fourth attempt. This time I . . .

1) used it on completely dry hair (I'd washed it yesterday morning)
2) rubbed the product into my hair quite vigorously
3) left it on for at least 30 minutes
4) did it the day I actually WANTED pink hair rather than the night before. I think sleeping on it didn't help as it does seem to fade quite quickly.

And it looked pretty good. Perhaps even TOO pink - after all my failed attempts I wasn't expecting to be as successful. I got quite a few comments about it in work today. Positive comments, thankfully.

So it DOES work, but sometimes you just need to experiment to actually get it to work the way you want. I'm glad I persevered. And now I quite want to try lilac. I still have some pink to use up first though. :-)

What's the most unusual colour you've dyed your hair? I'd love to know!

A wee disclaimer: I paid full price for this product and have no affiliation with this brand at all - I just wanted to share my own experience with you all in case you'd been thinking about trying it. :-)

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  1. Oh I've always wanted to try different colour hair too but I'm too afraid, this seems like a nice little compromise. Might need to pick some up before I go on holiday x


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