Saturday, 27 June 2015


So Google have apparently released an "unsend" button for if you have sent one of those drunken emails which you are later going to regret.

Sounds handy doesn't it? Until you realise that actually the window of opportunity to unsend an email is a mere thirty seconds in total.


I could send SEVERAL emails I later regret in that period of time. And, like the dj who was talking about it on the radio said, it's not going to help the drunken text messages. Or facebook messaging. Or twitter-private-messaging. Or TWEETING. Although I suppose you can at least ultimately delete your tweets.

Let's face it - you rarely get the "Oh SHITE, why the hell did I send that email?" until the following day. When you regain consciousness with a furry mouth and a fuzzy head and that horrid niggling feeling that something isn't quite right. "What did I do last night?" you wonder. "I did something I . . . shouldn't have done, didn't I? DIDN'T I?" And then grab your phone and, while wincing with pain from the stabbing hungover headache, start trawling through your social media. Facebook status? Clear. Texts? Nothing untoward (unless you deleted them while still under the influence - which does happen!) Twitter? All fine.



And that's when you discover that long winded email you sent to your ex, asking for another chance, or having a rant about the break-up when you had pretended all along to be fine with it. Basically letting the crazy out. BIG TIME.

That's never happened to me.

Honest. :-/

Thirty seconds after you sent that email, you didn't regret it. Thirty minutes after sending it, you probably STILL didn't regret it. An hour later, you were probably passed out and had forgotten all about it.

It's always the next day that you regret the act of writing and sending the email.

So is a thirty second window really a help? Only if it's just a silly little trivial point that you have remembered and want to change? A spelling/grammar faux pas or something along those lines. Not a mortifying email to an ex.

Which, let's face it, is inevitably the type of email that someone is going to regret.

Bravo and all that, google, but what we really need is a 12 hour time-lapse on any emails sent after 11pm on a weekend night so we can delete them the second we wake up and realise we have been absolute drunken eejits!

30 seconds? It really isn't going to help us.


  1. Oh my, so true! Didn't know it was just 30 seconds! Well, let's keep producing great reasons why 30 seconds isn't nearly enough time to think about deleting and maybe they will pony up and extend that time! Great read and rant!

  2. I used to work for a company that had an "unsend" button in their email. I used it once or twice, but it never seemed to work.

  3. You write , I imagine, as you would speak. I enjoy reading that style of blogging, it's just so...real.

    Anyway, keep in mind, a drink ladies words are a sober ladies thoughts, sometimes repressed.

    Lovely blog :)


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