Tuesday, 23 June 2015


*I debated adding "Or lack thereof" to the end of this post title, but I felt like putting the word summer in inverted commas probably would render that redundant anyway.

I am getting absolutely sick of the lack of decent weather in Scotland of late. Okay, so we've definitely always got the shitty share of the sunshine in the UK, but this year Mother Nature is just ripping the utter piss out of it.

She's laughing and pointing at us when we go out in bare legs and sandals of a seemingly sunny morning only to find the heavens have opened and are actually SHITTING on us by lunchtime. She's probably got a little reality show or youtube channel set up, secretly filming our na├»ve disappointment and finding it hilarious, along with the rest of the world.

Could we just have a couple of days IN A ROW where the weather is actually decent? Just one heatwave that lasts a week? Or that actually coincides with a weekend for a change? A chance to fight over the few outdoor seats THAT ARE ACTUALLY IN THE SUNSHINE AND NOT THE SHADE in the pubs around Scotland?

To be able to have the sun stay out long enough for us to actually drive to a beach and SUNBATHE on it for a couple of hours? Or to be able to plan a barbeque a couple of days in advance?

I keep remembering feeling exactly this way two years ago and then in July, by some sort of miracle, we had some of the most beautiful weather I ever remember in my lifetime. It lasted something like three weeks, continued over weekends, and was absolutely amazing. One time I remember sitting out in the sunshine and when I checked the weather on my phone, it was actually one degree hotter in Glasgow than it was in Lanzarote! LANZAROTE! IN JULY!?!

I think that July 2013 was obviously a blip in the universe and now Scotland has been returned to sporadic-at-best sunshine . . . FOREVER.

Mother Nature, if you're reading this though? Feel free to prove me wrong . . .

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  1. I am with you - I am so sick of the shit weather here! I also remember July of 2013 - I was off on Mat Leave and actually had a tan!


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