Thursday, 25 June 2015


World, I have a problem. I think it's time I admit it. It's oh so hard for me to do so . . . but I feel I need to face up to the issue if I want to resolve it.

The problem is, I don't WANT to resolve it. Because I'm addicted . . . to hotels!

This year alone, I have stayed in at least ten. And I'm pretty sure I'm downplaying that.  I mean, they're not all fancy or anything - several of them have been Travelodges! But staying at home or at the boyfriend's all weekend just seems a bit boring. We feel like we want to go out and do stuff! I know we can do stuff at home but we like to get away to different environments and see different things from what we can in the Glasgow area.

Plus it's lovely to go to a lovely clean room, freshly made up for you with clean bedlinen, without all the clutter I usually have in my own flat (and only the clutter I can make is whatever I have brought along with me), with toiletries I haven't had to buy myself and more often than not a better selection of tv channels than I have in my own flat!

Add to that the fact that there tends to be a lack of kitchen facilities in a hotel room which means that I can't cook and MUST either go out for dinner or have a hotel bed picnic . . . AND I have no dishes to deal with afterwards. (Who am I kidding, I don't wash dishes, I leave that to the fella.)

We went through a phase earlier on in the year where we would go somewhere one night at the weekend and as soon as we got back to my flat and reality, we would immediately be on looking for another night away for the following weekend.  I think between January and March we were away more weekends than we were at home!

Then reality kicked in and we realised we couldn't maintain this sort of lifestyle and would have to rein it in a bit . . . we tried to wean ourselves off it gradually, going cold turkey was NOT an option. We ended up at a £30 a night Travelodge in the middle of a service station in Perth and Kinross with some bottles of wine and some M&S picnic food. You might think this was a new low, but it was actually still an awesome night away!

See? Here was the actual aforementioned hotel picnic (minus some of the wine bottles obviously!)

And after that we tried to cut down in a major way on our nights away - maybe only ONE WEEKEND a way a month or one night every couple of weeks? That sort of thing. I guess that's still a lot. For other people. Not for us though. :-(

It's too late for us to prove to the rest of our friends that we're not loaded now though. As far as they're concerned, we're away every weekend and rolling in dosh. And if someone says to one of us "Where are you going THIS weekend then?" and we have to say "Um - well, we're actually staying in this weekend actually" we can actually FEEL the weight of their disappointment bearing down on us.

But sometimes - and I KNOW this may sound amazing but it's true - SOMETIMES one of us has other plans that don't include the other.

Take this weekend, for example. He's off to see AC/DC. And as for me? Well, I'm seeing Dawn.

What are Dawn and I doing?

Um . . .

We're going away to stay in a hotel for a night.


The addiction continues I suppose...

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  1. Hahaha I'm addicted to hotels too! Whenever there's an amazing sale I just can't resist x


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