Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Today marks the two year anniversary of me moving into my own flat after just shy of ten years in a flatshare.

I remember writing a post not long before I moved about all of the things that had happened to me in that flatshare - the relationships, friendships, work stuff and break-ups. Obviously in close to ten years, you are going to have a lot of memories and ups and downs.

But in these past two years, a lot has happened too. And it's all been good stuff thankfully.

One of my friends said to me not long after I moved that she thought the flatshare had been holding me back. She may have been right - pretty much as soon as I moved good things started happening.

One of my friends, who was pregnant, had a baby the day after I moved. Then one of my other good friends got married that same week. The next thing was the three week heatwave we had, which was absolutely AMAZING and also miraculous.

A couple of months passed in the flat, loving life, loving living on my own . . . and then in the space of less than a fortnight I got promoted again and met the fella. Well, I say "met" him . . . I'd known him for eight years (he even featured in my blog a few years ago!) , but you know what I mean.

I'm still in this flat now and I love it. . . although it looks like I've still just moved in due to the sheer amount of CRAP I own and haven't put away.  I actually have boxes that I still haven't unpacked! It's actually ridiculous. I'm completely ashamed of myself.

But I love it.

I can use the loo when I want. I can walk about naked if I want. It's usually too cold to actually DO that, but it's an option. I can cook when I want. My dirty dishes are mine. (Or, to be honest, the fella's - we have an agreement that I cook and he does the dishes. This works well as far as I'm concerned as I've always hated dirty dishes.) When I come in after a shit day I don't have to make small talk with flatmates on the way to my room for a cry. I don't even feel LIKE crying most of the time.

It's definitely been a better time.

I should have done it years ago!

Happy 2nd flat birthday to me. :-)

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