Sunday, 21 June 2015


I've been kind of missing in action of late. Life has just been pretty busy - what's been happening with me?

I've been to Corfu for a start. It was brilliant. We didn't go back to the same place as last year as we'd initially hoped to do - they'd done the place up after we left and put the prices up a good bit. Instead we found a hotel with a waterpark inside it in Sidari. It was a great wee place - really enjoyed it although we made the mistake of booking the same week as the English half term so there were a lot of loud kids. Oh well... you can't have everything!

We also popped up North to a caravan near Banff for a couple of days prior to Corfu. It was a lovely two days, the caravan was so peaceful, the sunsets were amazing, and it's a lovely part of the world. Expect an upcoming Scotland the Beautiful post on the area soon! (Also forthcoming in that series will be a post on one of my very favourite places in the world - Loch Lomond.)

I've been trying to get into running for the five thousandth time (approximately) - I even went as far as to buy new running shoes to see if I could run better. Turns out I can - I'm still shit at it, but I'm trying. I went running twice last week - will see if I can ramp it up a bit over the next few weeks. The boyfriend has a half marathon and full marathon to train for in the next few months so hopefully this will help encourage me. Not that I'll ever reach that stage myself!

I won a competition in work for the second time when I was in Corfu - just before Christmas I won The Joker in work (I'll explain about it another time) and won more than 700 pounds. I then won 600 pounds in the same contest in May. NO ONE ELSE HAD WON IT SINCE THE LAST TIME I WON IT. (I was quite glad I was out of the country when I won the second time.) Since I was skint, the money has pretty much evaporated, and all I have left is the money for a weekend in Campbeltown in a fortnight's time. Oh well. It was nice while it lasted. :-)

I also got the secondment I've been doing in work for the past few years on and off finally made permanent which is a relief. It's good to have some stability now. :-)

I've been researching other places I want to visit in Scotland and am obsessed with the North Coast 500 right now - I am determined to get there at some point - it's just a matter of trying to work out when we can fit it in. It seems a shame to try and squeeze it into a normal length weekend! I WILL make it there though.

I'm trying to get my blogging mojo back so expect me to be back on here more regularly again from now on. (I'll try my best anyway.) So . . .how have you all been? ;-)

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