Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Today marks the two year anniversary of me moving into my own flat after just shy of ten years in a flatshare.

I remember writing a post not long before I moved about all of the things that had happened to me in that flatshare - the relationships, friendships, work stuff and break-ups. Obviously in close to ten years, you are going to have a lot of memories and ups and downs.

But in these past two years, a lot has happened too. And it's all been good stuff thankfully.

One of my friends said to me not long after I moved that she thought the flatshare had been holding me back. She may have been right - pretty much as soon as I moved good things started happening.

One of my friends, who was pregnant, had a baby the day after I moved. Then one of my other good friends got married that same week. The next thing was the three week heatwave we had, which was absolutely AMAZING and also miraculous.

A couple of months passed in the flat, loving life, loving living on my own . . . and then in the space of less than a fortnight I got promoted again and met the fella. Well, I say "met" him . . . I'd known him for eight years (he even featured in my blog a few years ago!) , but you know what I mean.

I'm still in this flat now and I love it. . . although it looks like I've still just moved in due to the sheer amount of CRAP I own and haven't put away.  I actually have boxes that I still haven't unpacked! It's actually ridiculous. I'm completely ashamed of myself.

But I love it.

I can use the loo when I want. I can walk about naked if I want. It's usually too cold to actually DO that, but it's an option. I can cook when I want. My dirty dishes are mine. (Or, to be honest, the fella's - we have an agreement that I cook and he does the dishes. This works well as far as I'm concerned as I've always hated dirty dishes.) When I come in after a shit day I don't have to make small talk with flatmates on the way to my room for a cry. I don't even feel LIKE crying most of the time.

It's definitely been a better time.

I should have done it years ago!

Happy 2nd flat birthday to me. :-)

Saturday, 27 June 2015


So Google have apparently released an "unsend" button for if you have sent one of those drunken emails which you are later going to regret.

Sounds handy doesn't it? Until you realise that actually the window of opportunity to unsend an email is a mere thirty seconds in total.


I could send SEVERAL emails I later regret in that period of time. And, like the dj who was talking about it on the radio said, it's not going to help the drunken text messages. Or facebook messaging. Or twitter-private-messaging. Or TWEETING. Although I suppose you can at least ultimately delete your tweets.

Let's face it - you rarely get the "Oh SHITE, why the hell did I send that email?" until the following day. When you regain consciousness with a furry mouth and a fuzzy head and that horrid niggling feeling that something isn't quite right. "What did I do last night?" you wonder. "I did something I . . . shouldn't have done, didn't I? DIDN'T I?" And then grab your phone and, while wincing with pain from the stabbing hungover headache, start trawling through your social media. Facebook status? Clear. Texts? Nothing untoward (unless you deleted them while still under the influence - which does happen!) Twitter? All fine.



And that's when you discover that long winded email you sent to your ex, asking for another chance, or having a rant about the break-up when you had pretended all along to be fine with it. Basically letting the crazy out. BIG TIME.

That's never happened to me.

Honest. :-/

Thirty seconds after you sent that email, you didn't regret it. Thirty minutes after sending it, you probably STILL didn't regret it. An hour later, you were probably passed out and had forgotten all about it.

It's always the next day that you regret the act of writing and sending the email.

So is a thirty second window really a help? Only if it's just a silly little trivial point that you have remembered and want to change? A spelling/grammar faux pas or something along those lines. Not a mortifying email to an ex.

Which, let's face it, is inevitably the type of email that someone is going to regret.

Bravo and all that, google, but what we really need is a 12 hour time-lapse on any emails sent after 11pm on a weekend night so we can delete them the second we wake up and realise we have been absolute drunken eejits!

30 seconds? It really isn't going to help us.

Thursday, 25 June 2015


World, I have a problem. I think it's time I admit it. It's oh so hard for me to do so . . . but I feel I need to face up to the issue if I want to resolve it.

The problem is, I don't WANT to resolve it. Because I'm addicted . . . to hotels!

This year alone, I have stayed in at least ten. And I'm pretty sure I'm downplaying that.  I mean, they're not all fancy or anything - several of them have been Travelodges! But staying at home or at the boyfriend's all weekend just seems a bit boring. We feel like we want to go out and do stuff! I know we can do stuff at home but we like to get away to different environments and see different things from what we can in the Glasgow area.

Plus it's lovely to go to a lovely clean room, freshly made up for you with clean bedlinen, without all the clutter I usually have in my own flat (and only the clutter I can make is whatever I have brought along with me), with toiletries I haven't had to buy myself and more often than not a better selection of tv channels than I have in my own flat!

Add to that the fact that there tends to be a lack of kitchen facilities in a hotel room which means that I can't cook and MUST either go out for dinner or have a hotel bed picnic . . . AND I have no dishes to deal with afterwards. (Who am I kidding, I don't wash dishes, I leave that to the fella.)

We went through a phase earlier on in the year where we would go somewhere one night at the weekend and as soon as we got back to my flat and reality, we would immediately be on booking.com looking for another night away for the following weekend.  I think between January and March we were away more weekends than we were at home!

Then reality kicked in and we realised we couldn't maintain this sort of lifestyle and would have to rein it in a bit . . . we tried to wean ourselves off it gradually, going cold turkey was NOT an option. We ended up at a £30 a night Travelodge in the middle of a service station in Perth and Kinross with some bottles of wine and some M&S picnic food. You might think this was a new low, but it was actually still an awesome night away!

See? Here was the actual aforementioned hotel picnic (minus some of the wine bottles obviously!)

And after that we tried to cut down in a major way on our nights away - maybe only ONE WEEKEND a way a month or one night every couple of weeks? That sort of thing. I guess that's still a lot. For other people. Not for us though. :-(

It's too late for us to prove to the rest of our friends that we're not loaded now though. As far as they're concerned, we're away every weekend and rolling in dosh. And if someone says to one of us "Where are you going THIS weekend then?" and we have to say "Um - well, we're actually staying in this weekend actually" we can actually FEEL the weight of their disappointment bearing down on us.

But sometimes - and I KNOW this may sound amazing but it's true - SOMETIMES one of us has other plans that don't include the other.

Take this weekend, for example. He's off to see AC/DC. And as for me? Well, I'm seeing Dawn.

What are Dawn and I doing?

Um . . .

We're going away to stay in a hotel for a night.


The addiction continues I suppose...

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


*I debated adding "Or lack thereof" to the end of this post title, but I felt like putting the word summer in inverted commas probably would render that redundant anyway.

I am getting absolutely sick of the lack of decent weather in Scotland of late. Okay, so we've definitely always got the shitty share of the sunshine in the UK, but this year Mother Nature is just ripping the utter piss out of it.

She's laughing and pointing at us when we go out in bare legs and sandals of a seemingly sunny morning only to find the heavens have opened and are actually SHITTING on us by lunchtime. She's probably got a little reality show or youtube channel set up, secretly filming our na├»ve disappointment and finding it hilarious, along with the rest of the world.

Could we just have a couple of days IN A ROW where the weather is actually decent? Just one heatwave that lasts a week? Or that actually coincides with a weekend for a change? A chance to fight over the few outdoor seats THAT ARE ACTUALLY IN THE SUNSHINE AND NOT THE SHADE in the pubs around Scotland?

To be able to have the sun stay out long enough for us to actually drive to a beach and SUNBATHE on it for a couple of hours? Or to be able to plan a barbeque a couple of days in advance?

I keep remembering feeling exactly this way two years ago and then in July, by some sort of miracle, we had some of the most beautiful weather I ever remember in my lifetime. It lasted something like three weeks, continued over weekends, and was absolutely amazing. One time I remember sitting out in the sunshine and when I checked the weather on my phone, it was actually one degree hotter in Glasgow than it was in Lanzarote! LANZAROTE! IN JULY!?!

I think that July 2013 was obviously a blip in the universe and now Scotland has been returned to sporadic-at-best sunshine . . . FOREVER.

Mother Nature, if you're reading this though? Feel free to prove me wrong . . .

Sunday, 21 June 2015


I've been kind of missing in action of late. Life has just been pretty busy - what's been happening with me?

I've been to Corfu for a start. It was brilliant. We didn't go back to the same place as last year as we'd initially hoped to do - they'd done the place up after we left and put the prices up a good bit. Instead we found a hotel with a waterpark inside it in Sidari. It was a great wee place - really enjoyed it although we made the mistake of booking the same week as the English half term so there were a lot of loud kids. Oh well... you can't have everything!

We also popped up North to a caravan near Banff for a couple of days prior to Corfu. It was a lovely two days, the caravan was so peaceful, the sunsets were amazing, and it's a lovely part of the world. Expect an upcoming Scotland the Beautiful post on the area soon! (Also forthcoming in that series will be a post on one of my very favourite places in the world - Loch Lomond.)

I've been trying to get into running for the five thousandth time (approximately) - I even went as far as to buy new running shoes to see if I could run better. Turns out I can - I'm still shit at it, but I'm trying. I went running twice last week - will see if I can ramp it up a bit over the next few weeks. The boyfriend has a half marathon and full marathon to train for in the next few months so hopefully this will help encourage me. Not that I'll ever reach that stage myself!

I won a competition in work for the second time when I was in Corfu - just before Christmas I won The Joker in work (I'll explain about it another time) and won more than 700 pounds. I then won 600 pounds in the same contest in May. NO ONE ELSE HAD WON IT SINCE THE LAST TIME I WON IT. (I was quite glad I was out of the country when I won the second time.) Since I was skint, the money has pretty much evaporated, and all I have left is the money for a weekend in Campbeltown in a fortnight's time. Oh well. It was nice while it lasted. :-)

I also got the secondment I've been doing in work for the past few years on and off finally made permanent which is a relief. It's good to have some stability now. :-)

I've been researching other places I want to visit in Scotland and am obsessed with the North Coast 500 right now - I am determined to get there at some point - it's just a matter of trying to work out when we can fit it in. It seems a shame to try and squeeze it into a normal length weekend! I WILL make it there though.

I'm trying to get my blogging mojo back so expect me to be back on here more regularly again from now on. (I'll try my best anyway.) So . . .how have you all been? ;-)