Tuesday, 17 February 2015


So, as you may remember, during my Thursday post about Valentine's DIY gifts, I remembered I hadn't yet ordered the boyfriend a card and hopped onto a card website immediately to remedy this. I went, as is my usual way, for a funny personalised card.

It was a funny one, which looked like the text screen of an iPhone.  The "text message" on the front of the card said: "I want to be the reason you look at your phone and smile. Then walk into a pole." It made me laugh. I knew it would make him laugh too. You could customise the little box at the top of the phone so I thought I was being really clever changing it to "Stephen's sheeplePhone" rather than his iPhone. (I'm anti-apple and like to wind him up with the "sheeple" thing.) I placed the order to his house knowing we would be there on Valentine's day. Although I worried I'd left it a little late, I hoped it would turn up on Saturday morning. I did however warn him I'd only just ordered it and it might not come on time.

So on Saturday morning, we woke up and the boyfriend announced he could see the postman outside. When we heard the telltale rattle of the letterbox, I squealed with hope that it had actually turned up. Sure enough, he went to check and the distinctive envelope was there. So he opened it. And laughed.

And that was when I noticed my error.

Due to my panic-ordering (and probably due to the fact I don't have an iPhone) I wasn't paying my full attention when sorting out the finer details of the card, and I therefore hadn't realised that there was a personalised box at the BOTTOM of the card too . . .

Case in point below.

I should have changed the default name at the bottom to my own. And I hadn't noticed. So Charlotte, whoever the fuck she is, had messaged my boyfriend instead.
I was not happy. Luckily the boyfriend found the funny side of it.
Good thing I'd managed to get all the names right inside the card! ;-)
But given that this is the second time I've been involved in a personalised card debacle, I should probably give up trying to send them . . .
Anyone else ever had a Valentine's card (or any other card for that matter) disaster? Please feel free to share in the comment section and make a girl feel a bit less silly!


  1. I sent one to my cousin Kaleigh (female!) congratulating her on her exam results after a really horrific time. I changed the name to hers but forgot to change all the he's to her's and because it was one of those fake newspaper things there was bloody loads. Not exactly mortifying but it does make me double and triple check them now :)

  2. Hahahaha OMG this is too funny! (And totally the kind of thing I would do too) x


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