Sunday, 11 January 2015


So I've not posted on the Scotland the Beautiful subject for a wee while... this is mainly because my favourite thing is waterfalls and, as much as I love them, they all start to look a bit similar after a while.  I have many MANY pictures of waterfalls though, trust me on this!

So here's two more. First up is the Falls of Falloch which is near to the village of Crianlarich. It's just a short walk from the car park, and pretty impressive.

Second up, we have the Devil's Pulpit, which is near Drymen. It involved a bit of a clamber down a hill but it was pretty cool once we got down there and we could practically stand in the fall. Apparently there's another side to it we haven't seen yet, so we'll need to check that out soon!

I'll let you know once we've checked out the other side of it! ;-)

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