Thursday, 22 January 2015


Mmmm.... burgers!!!

I've lived in Partick for a year and a half now and for some unknown reason I have never visited Velvet Elvis before... despite the fact that it is quite literally just around the corner from me. When there was a discussion about it in work last week and how good it was, I realised I needed to remedy my ignorance double quick. So when the boyfriend suggested going there for his birthday dinner the other night, it seemed like a sign!

A bar/cafĂ© on Dumbarton Road between Crow Road and the Thornwood roundabout, Velvet Elvis is handy for those in the west end of town (especially me!) and most my colleagues located in the west end had already given it a go more than once. Now I can see why!

The service was fast and friendly, prices were reasonable and, to be honest, the most taxing part of the night was trying to decide what to have off the varied menu! And, let's face it, struggling to choose what to eat BECAUSE YOU WANT IT ALL isn't really a hardship!

Mackerel pate with oatcakes

To start, I went for the mackerel pate, which was delicious and was already sort of allocated to the scrumptious oatcakes - which is definitely a good thing. Usually with pate I grossly underestimate how much pate to allocate to each oatcake or piece of bread and end up either with a big blob of pate with nothing left to spread it on, or vice versa.

Goats cheese and roast capsicum spring rolls
The boyfriend opted for the goats cheese and roasted capsicum spring rolls (I believe capsicum is just a fancy name for a pepper) - I had a sneaky wee taste and it was definitely the best spring roll I've ever sampled. (Though this could be due to the fact that I am a massive fan of goats cheese and fried food). The boyfriend loved this dish, the combination of flavours, and how "fresh" it all tasted (He likes the word "fresh" to describe food.)

And then onto the main course . . . although there were many options to choose from such as venison, macaroni cheese or fish and chips, so many people had raved about the burgers that we felt OBLIGATED to go for those. The half pound Scottish beef burger it was then, with cheese added to mine, while the boyfriend had cheese, chorizo AND jalapenos. They turned up with coleslaw on the side and gorgeous handcut chips. And they definitely lived up to the hype. I am not generally very good at finishing everything on my plate, my eyes are definitely (metaphorically) bigger than my belly, but I did a pretty good job of finishing nearly the whole thing, despite eating the full (sizeable) starter. This burger was absolutely fantastic. Seriously . . . just thinking about it is making me want to drool.

There were several dessert options on offer but the starters and mains had stuffed us completely so we decided to give dessert a miss, finished off the bottle of refreshing sauvignon blanc we were sharing (without feeling at all hurried) and headed off into the cold for a couple more drinks elsewhere.


We spent most of today raving about the place to our respective colleagues (those who hadn't already had the pleasure of visiting Velvet Elvis already, obviously) and I've already looked at the menu to decide what I want on my next visit.  I haven't managed to decide yet though.

I guess there will have to be a lot of visits there in my future in that case . . . ;-)

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