Monday, 29 December 2014

P'S 2014 HIGHLIGHTS . . .

Paris, April 2014

As we come to the end of another year, it's always time to reflect on the best and worst bits of the previous twelve months. Personally, I prefer not to focus on the bad. Luckily there wasn't a massive amount for me, personally. A bit of work stress, yes. Struggling with my weight, check. Losing a friend through no fault of my own as far as I'm concerned, indeed. (That one, especially, still irks and hurts massively but what can you do!) Scotland not becoming independent, gutted. :-( There has obviously been a lot of bad stuff happening in the world, and close to home there was the bus lorry tragedy in Glasgow just a week ago - having something so tragic and horrible happen in your adopted hometown is just heartbreaking, and makes you realise just how easily something precious can be lost.

But nice stuff happened too. For example, last week I won a pretty large sum of money in work. Not a life-changing amount by any means, but enough to treat myself to a couple of nice things (have yet to decide on what), sign myself up for some online personal training and pay it forward a bit by buying six of those meals for the homeless that Itison and Social Bite teamed up to offer.

Throughout the year, I got to visit some really nice places too. There were places in Scotland, obviously, which I feel so lucky to have finally got to visit, places I've always wanted to go and places I had never even heard of before. I've covered some of these places in my Scotland the Beautiful series, which I hope you will check out, if you haven't already. It's amazing some of the little gems my modest country has been hiding! My favourite so far has been the Grey Mare's Tail waterfall and Loch Skeen, near Moffat in Dumfrieshire... once I eventually made it up the hill!

Then in April I got to go back to Paris for the first time in nearly 20 years, as my boyfriend took part in the Paris marathon. Going back and doing the tourist thing as an adult was pretty immense and I loved every minute of it. Well, apart from nearly killing myself climbing the stairs in the Arc de Triomphe (view of the street from that vantage point in the picture above!) !

Corfu the following month was also utterly amazing - relaxing and sunny and beautiful. Just what I needed. I loved the hotel too - unfortunately we probably won't go back there as planned due to it being "done up" a bit and therefore hiking up its prices. I have my eyes on a hotel a few resorts over with six waterflumes though for next year so it's all good... ;-)

In late June, we headed to Blackpool for a long weekend, another place I haven't been in years.Okay, so the Blackpool Tower isn't quite as grand as the Eiffel Tower but it was still great fun. And, since I hate heights with a passion, was a bit less scary. Apart from the glass floor, that is! Our hotel was lovely (there will be a post on my favourite British - mainly Scottish - hotels coming up at some point soon and this hotel will be most definitely featuring) and I ate the biggest toad in the hole that I believe ever existed (well I could only manage half), and we went to the Pleasure Beach, we played so many arcade games, did a Pier pub crawl, found the local Wetherspoons (well, you have to!) and played Crazy Golf. The only thing we didn't manage which was on my list was making a sandcastle, but on the sunday when the weather was amazing, the tide was in for most of the day. Typical!!!

Obviously this is not real... I would have been having a panic attack by that point!
Pier pub crawl!
Posing in front of the Blackpool tower... as you can see it's not quite as glam as the Eiffel Tower... but less scary!
The glass floor was not my friend!

View from the tower!
Biggest toad in the hole I've ever seen, courtesy of our hotel!
Next up was my birthday weekend in Torremolinos (I must stress here that my bank balance has not been thanking me this year after all these holidays!) which was a great time. Despite being early October we got great weather the whole way through and I got to continue my tradition of recent years of spending my birthday in the sunshine on a beach!

There were a couple of other trips, a night in Dundee, a weekend in Aberdeen for me and the man's one year anniversary in October . . . and then a week in Tenerife with the sister in early November. (Note to self, going on a bikini-type holiday with a gym bunny is NOT good for the self esteem. But still was a great laugh and my first experience of going all-inclusive)

Me and the sis being silly!

Posing by the beach...

I've had great days and nights out, there's been many lunches, dinners and too many cheeseboards to count (both going out and staying in.) I've became the regular little cook and spend ages poring over Instagram for recipe ideas and then cooking up a storm for me and the man (I get my own back by making him do the dishes afterwards.) And I've been blown away by the support from my friends around the various things that have put a pall on my otherwise really nice year. Okay, so I lost one friend... but I think the behaviour of my other friends should remind me just of why that loss shouldn''t really impact my life that much.

2014, all in all, has been a great year. I'm hoping 2015 can surpass this - we're already planning a return to Paris in April, another trip to Corfu and (hopefully) trips to Northern Ireland and London. We've also already got a weekend in Anstruther booked in January (I used some of my winnings for that) and an overnight in Loch Lomond in the not-too-distant future. And hopefully this online personal training thing will help me get my body confidence back.

Here's to 2015 everyone!!!

What were you high points of 2014? Anything in particular you're looking forward to this year?

Saturday, 20 December 2014


A few years ago, dumbfounded by some of the gifts I spotted online while shopping, I made a post about some of these finds, which later spurned a sequel. Six years on,  I have decided to revisit this post idea this year, so let's see what gift ideas are astonishing me this time around . . .

Period panties

Do you really want a pair of these? Apparently, they are a good alternative to granny pants and save you having to explain to the man that you're on the blob. (If you're anything like me, it's obvious I'm ABOUT to be on said blob when I have cried uncontrollably about not being able to open a can of tuna for three days beforehand, and the pants are therefore unnecessary.) The only good thing I can see about these is that they're so colourful they'll probably cover up any "leaks" you might have... (TMI I know.)

Hand Sanitiser

I don't really want to dwell on this one but let's just leave it at this: I would be a wee bit hurt if someone gave me any hand sanitiser as a gift, but THIS one would leave me with levels of off-the-chart rage.

Blood Bath Shower Gel

Instead of feeling clean, let's see how it feels to be Janet Leigh in "Psycho". Good plan . . .

Horse's Head Squirrel Feeder

This is going to help us humiliate squirrels apparently. While I suppose it is pretty funny to see a squirrels body peeking out from underneath a horse's head, do you really want a horse's head in your garden? Personally I'd rather just not bother and let the squirrels just get on with things.

Sock Sandals

Personally I think these should be called "sandal socks" - regardless, I find them about as offensive as ACTUAL sandals over socks.

Giant stress boob

I'm sure most people have their biggest stress moments in the workplace... I'm sure it would be SO appropriate for me to, during a stress-out, say "Hold on, let me get my boob out" and start squeezing. Yep. That would definitely help. :-/

Poo Pen

Why would I want to use a pen that looks like a giant jobby? It not only looks disgusting, I think I'd actually find it difficult to write with.

Tinkle and Turd Salt and Pepper Shaker

And speaking of poo... wouldn't these put you off your dinner? That being said, it's probably a good way to cut down on your salt intake?

Don't worry... if any of these gifts actually INTRIGUE you, I've provided links to them all. I'd be interested to know if you buy any... or if you've noticed any other strange gift ideas which you feel would be best avoided!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


"The Apprentice" is a programme I have always sort of avoided. I couldn't really tell you why this is. But this year, thanks to the boyfriend, I've ended up watching quite a bit of it. And the one thing I have always thought, both before I watched it and now I HAVE watched it, is that I just couldn't be in it. 
  • I'm not good at talking in front of people. How could I possibly do a pitch? Or put forward an argument in the boardroom over why I shouldn't be "fired"???  I can barely do a work presentation without tripping over every second word. I'd be made absolute mincemeat of in this programme.
  • Arguing. Confrontation. I HATE it. If one of my team-mates was trying to belittle me, I'd struggle to stick up for myself. Especially in front of Big Al! Which brings me on to...
  • The sucking up to Al. I understand they respect his business acumen and how he's a self-made man and all that crap. But all this "Please Lord Sugar, I'm just like you" bleating does my head in. I may be a nervous speaker, and lack a bit of spine sometimes when faced when more dominating backbones, but I'm not a sycophant.
  • That being said, the dude terrifies me. And that's just watching him on the TV!
  • I hate being put on the spot. This ties in with the not being a natural public speaker thing. If I know my stuff I can just about fudge it. If not, I'll fall to pieces and look like a moron.
  • I cry. A lot. And I hate doing that in front of people. Especially in front of a TV audience.
  • I'm not good at telling people what to do. I would be The Worst Project Manager Ever. (TM)
  • Even if I had a business idea that I thought I'd want Al's support in, I don't think I could bring myself to put myself through this programme to have a chance at it.
Good thing I don't HAVE a business idea I want financial backing for, I guess. Because I've probably just blown my chances of being on this show... :-/

Could YOU be on The Apprentice???

Friday, 12 December 2014


I love food. I don't mind cooking it, but even more so I like it when someone else cooks for me and waits on me hand and foot. So I'm quite lucky that Glasgow has quite a massive choice when it comes to eating out!

I have to admit that I'm a bit of a creature of habit though and once I find a place I like, I do frequent it quite a lot. So I thought I'd share a couple of my favourites with you lucky people!

What a name eh? Love the name or hate it, don't let it put you off visiting this little gem! In the Finnieston area of town, this is a handy-ish place for an after work dinner for me, and is also very handy for the plethora of pubs in the area so you can keep the night going after dinner (Finnieston is a FAB place for a pub crawl - trust me, I've tried it before). Friendly staff, fresh Scottish fayre and reasonable prices - what more can you ask for???

This is my local, sitting a five minute walk from my flat in Partick. Easily accessible by train for those coming in from elsewhere, I love Roastits. I first went by accident - after the night where we received the unjustifiably rude treatment in McPhabb's...  It's not for everyone though - a good friend of mine has not good memories of it. She's vegetarian so if you don't like meat/fish it may not be for you. Once again, lovely fresh locally sourced food, entertaining service from the deadpan waiter and don't even get me started on the crispy bacon and black pudding salad starter . . . oh my god! I recently had a hilarious couples night in there with Dawniepopsies, so I'm sure she will vouch for it too!

Another traditional Scottish venue but I'm not going to apologise . . .I love local food, okay? Situated underneath St Andrews on the Square in the Saltmarket area of the city, this is a place I haven't been in a while, but only because it's a bit of a walk from the west end! I love the haggis fritters to start and the sausage, rumbledethumps and onion rings are bloody brilliant. Okay... I'm about to start salivating. I MUST make a trip back there very soon! I haven't taken the boyfriend there yet, so I even have a good excuse . . .

Driftwood is one of my favourite cheap & cheerful haunts in town - although to be fair it's on the very edge of Charing Cross so isn't quite in the centre. That being said, it's handy for the joys of Sauchiehall St, like the O2 ABC (me and the boyf popped in there for dinner before our most recent Clean Bandit gig), or the King's Theatre. We've recently been embracing a deal we got through a popular restaurant booking website, which gives you three courses and a glass of wine from a limited (but delicious) Mexican/American menu for a mere 12 pounds! The mozzarella sticks are always a winner with me, I have tried both the fajitas and burger as a main, both lovely, and the warm caramel shortcake with cream to finish... yum! I've also had the chilli cheese fries on a random couple-of-drinks-after-work night in there and they hit the spot perfectly. Friendly service and the drinks are reasonably priced too. Definitely a winner in my eyes.

Back to the west end and Balbir's is probably my favourite Indian restaurant in town. It's definitely not the cheapest, granted, but their tandoori salmon starter makes it all worth it (and makes me want the recipe.).I've never had a bad meal in here. It's also handy for the many pubs in Byres Road if you want to make the night last a bit longer.

The most central restaurant on my list, La Vita is an Italian restaurant located on the edge of George Square. Friendly, efficient service (although the last time we were there I asked for a wine list and the waitress, after looking confused, finally returned with a wi-fi code for me. Which caused US to then be confused...) and a wide range of food available - you're not limited to just pasta and pizza, although both are awesome! The last time I was there I had the pan roasted chicken thighs in a red pepper cream sauce, accompanied by pesto mash. Amazing! Although the pasta and pizzas are just as good, don't get me wrong - I just sometimes prefer to go for something I am unlikely to be able to make myself at home!

So there you go! To be fair, I could probably give you far more but I've narrowed it down to six . . . I hope if you're in the area at any point you might consider them. Let me know if you do! ;-)

What's YOUR favourite restaurant, Glasgow or otherwise?